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Making job easier for the Communitymanager !

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I know it must feel like you have a hard job, since it looks like a good number of the folks are just continuously complaining.


  • I’m so disappointed to read your replies; in majority of the cases many of your replies are totally irrelevant to the questions, comments and subjects at hand. 

  • Very seldom I read credible answers that address the real and critical points re: discussions    from the Marriott Management. Why is that? 

  • It seems the issues being brought out by many of the members are not being communicated to the Sr. Marriott management.  Am I wrong? 

  • Please stop requesting members to write to you directly; that defeats the entire reason for having effective, open, viable, vibrant forums, discussion, etc.    Please review the base promise, foundations for forums, discussions, boards, etc.  

  • Also, I believe that addressing questions, discussions with real and credible answers will make your job easier and members will know they are being heard. 

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  • Re: Making job easier for the Communitymanager !
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    Greetings blava007 - just an fyi, the thread has been moved to "community suggestions" as it looks like your aim is to constructively help the community. It's obviously not my intention to disappoint with my replies so your feedback is helpful.


    There are a couple scenarios where it could appear as if we're not addressing specific questions or answers may not relate so let me mention those. First, it may seem like we're not responding to specific questions because of where on the page a reply will appear when there are numerous nested replies (replies to replies to replies...). The more vertical lines you see to the left of a reply, the more nested replies there are. So here's what happens - our reply to the original question will appear below the whole series of nested replies, which may or may not look out of place. Let us know if you see this happen and have a question. The other more straightforward scenario is that some information is considered proprietary and can not be shared for competitive reasons. We're here to have an honest and transparent conversation so let us know if something isn't answered and we'll share what we can.


    I realize that you'll have to take me on my word here, but Michellel has also mentioned that conversations and ideas are viewed by management. This may very well be the post that prompted your message, but we wanted to at least pass along word that the community's recent ideas have been heard by management. It's not an announcement, but we didn't want the good ideas to go unrecognized.


    You're right about direct messages, they're not intended for general view, but that doesn't conflict with the goals of an open community.As an open community, we do not permit any personally identifiable information to protect everyone's privacy. So we'll often need to collect this information in order to actually help or find a solution for a discussed problem or question.


    Let me know if you still have questions or feedback - safe travels!

    (For each location tag, you will be guided through a 3-step process to add (1) a city and a state or a city and a country, (2) a Marriott brand, and (3) a Marriott hotel.)

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