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What are your expectations when....

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When something goes wrong with a hotel stay?  Overall most hotels find me to be a good guest---easy going, pleasant to associates and not too demanding. Sometimes I think it is a fault because I don't create a scene. The inconsistency in how things are handled are always interesting.


Recently I stayed at a limited service Marriott and had some housekeeping issues when I checked in and after realizing the extent, asked to change rooms. It is one I have stayed  in a lot the past few months and it is a wonderful hotel with great staff. The next day the GM told me she was crediting 15000 points, good for one night for the inconvenience. I did not ask or expect  this, but thought it quite nice.

On the other hand in the past year I stayed at a very prominent full service Marriott and had a very different experience. I had numerous things go wrong even before I got their and they just kept piling up while I was there ---I never got angry, and of course every one said they were going to fix things ---turned into a frustrating five days. I had a very heavy work schedule for a conference and family with me so it was pretty stressful. Some of the things included a mold spot on the ceiling of the shower that was at least two inches wide and 4-5 inches long--and I don't mean slight mold. It had depth :-)


The very rough end to this was a horrible fall stepping out of the elevator on the last afternoon I was there. Ironically I had gone down to the desk to take care of a housekeeping issue. We had noticed that the elevators were not necessarily leveling out on opening, but nothing you could not adjust too. This time as I stepped out in turned out to be inches lower and I flew across the floor landing on both of my knees, then my hands and then skidded on my elbows. I was in so much pain I thought I was going to pass out. My fall made a loud enough noise that my husband heard the fall from our room and came running even though he did not know it was me.


I did not have to go to the hospital, but needless to say was in a lot of pain for quite a while. They way it was handled both then and after (no one even bother to check to see the next day how I was doing) was interesting. They gave me points for two nights for all of the other things that had happened, but really did nothing for the fall.


OK seasoned travelers and Marriot fans ---both of which I am---what would YOU have done? What would be your expectations?

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    Something as serious as your fall? - You've got to have a face-to-face with the general manager as it would be in the best interest of BOTH parties; remedy to your fall and to protect other guests. Yes - it would have been nice for management to have followed-up on your fall to see if anything else was needed. But being a pragmatist, I suspect the hotel management did NOT want to follow-up with you regarding your fall; doing so would (or might) have invited a lawsuit, so better to "ignore the facts" than to "support the facts."


    Like you, I am generally easy going and do not expect points or other compensation for minor inconveniences. Little things (at least for me) would include: room service skipping my room, a light that doesn't work, a door that doesn't self-latch, an air conditioner that rattles, a shower curtain missing half the pins, too few hangers in the closet, etc. However, I do NOT ignore these items as I will bring them to the attention of the front desk as I pass through in the morning and expect a resolution by the time I return in the evening.

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