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What is my Participation Meter?

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Your Participation Meter shows how much you have contributed to the Insiders community (posts, replies, answers, status updates, likes, etc.), and will automatically adjust upward as you make more contributions. Unlike Participation Badges, it does not require any specific mission or activity to be completed. NOTE: The Participation Meter is in no way tied to your Marriott Rewards account.



Participation Meter Levels:

marriottlevel-9.gifTime traveler (8000+)

marriottlevel-8.gifTrendsetter (5001 - 7999)

marriottlevel-7.gifTour guide (3501 - 5000)

marriottlevel-6.gifTrailblazer (2101 - 3500)

marriottlevel-5.gifPathfinder (801 - 2100)

marriottlevel-4.gifExplorer (301 - 800)

marriottlevel-3.gifCommuter (76 - 300)

marriottlevel-2.gifDay-tripper (11 - 75)

marriottlevel-1.gifVisitor (0 - 10)



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