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Hurricane Updates

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Hi all,

I am technically in the path of Irene, but it should be a tropical storm by the time it gets to Maine. I lived on Cape Cod in West Falmouth through Hurricane Bob and we came out okay, but Woods Hole was devastated.  I also saw what many hurricanes did to the south Jersey shore growing up -- partially because I had a strange but wonderful grandmother who liked to take me out on the beach in hurricanes (I choose to believe she loved viewing nature rather than trying to lose a grandchild).


If you are in the path of the hurricane and have sufficient electric or battery power to give us stories or keep us updated, please do so.


Also, if anyone is having serious problems or is in danger, please let Insiders know if you can. There are enough of us who check regularly that we could conceivably contact emergency people.


Most of all, having lived through hurricanes, please listen to your local authorities and don't 'brave it out.'  And take your pets when you leave!


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    Professor, timely advice.


    Also having spent a week without power on the Cape with the family during Bob I am all too familiar with hurricanes on the Massachusetts coastline.  I was one of nearly all who decided that the trek along clogged US 6 to get off Cape was hardly worth it, and besides where would you go once there?  So we rode it out with a few downed trees and batteries for our flashlights--the BBQ grill was our stove for that time.


    Now a plug for Marriott:  I've been staying at Marriott hotels when severe weather occurs.  In Washington DC one December a tremedous ice storm cut power to large areas of the city.


    I was at an Agency meeting when this happened and the meeting and the government shut down.  Wending my way back to the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington VA from McLean VA was a challenge but I found the staff more than ready--there were flashlights and printed emergency instructions n every room, the GM, Al B. was ready and willing to help every guest in the 700 plus room hotel, and we made it through a night with flickering power.


    So Insiders, yes by all means stay safe, and if you're staying in a Marriott hope that they're as prepared as the Gateway was for the unpredictable weather and its aftermath.

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