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Ancient Corinth

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As I mentioned in an earlier post I stayed at the wonderful Athens Ledra hotel before and after my cruise -- and it is just as good as it was two years ago.  I had always wanted to see Corinth for both historical and religious reasons, but the tours only go there on Monday and Friday (for reasons that became obvious (the two parts of the ancient town are very small).  So I hired a driver, and the situation in Greece made that a very inexpensive deal.


The oldest part of the city is its acropolis, the Akrocorinth, used by the ancient Greeks for fortification and religious purposes.  The 'newer' part of ancient Corinth is primarily Roman (time of Julius Caesar), built over the ancient Greek site.  So after we crossed the isthmus and the Corinth Canal, I was able to spend a couple of hours wandering around the ancient city.  The archaeological museum there is super, but the temples and streets are fantastic.  The last photo is one of the streets where St. Paul would have walked on his trips to Corinth, whose people he reprimanded numerous times in his letters in the New Testament. The Akrocorinth is in the background.


The second photo, the Fountain of Glauke, is named after Jason the Argonaut's second wife.  Supposedly the nasty Medea, Jason's ex, gave her a poisoned cloak.  She then threw herself in the fountain to try to end her pain.


The third picture is of the 6th C. BC Temple of Apollo, one of the Greek remnants.  It used to have 38 columns.


Anyway, I highly recommend a day trip.  Corinth is also noted for its wine, so that's another good reason to go. :)


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