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Christmas eve with Doris Day*

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*Well, she co-owns the Cypress Inn, located here in Carmel and she visits from time to time, but there are plenty of posters of he from her glorious Hollywood Career everywhere in this cozy little boutique hotel

One feature of this historic (1929) hotel is that pets of all sizes are welcomed.  Last night we shared a drink and dinner with a  Newfoundland, several Jack Russell's, assorted poodles, yellow and chocolate labs, and even a few pound breeds!  Dogs mingle freely with guests and when a couch opens in the lounge there is a lot of four legged leaping to get the empty seat.

Really worth a look, if not for the dogs then for the homage to one of the Hollywood legends.

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    Yeah for Doris Day! She and Bob Barker have been champions of animals since before it became popular.


    I have taken my cat(s) to Europe on several occasions (in the cabin, always). Contrary to popular opinion, it is only the British Isles that makes it difficult or imposes quarantines. I have always stayed with my cat at an apartment in France, though hotels are definitely possible.  Some of my great holiday and vacation stories are times with my cat in Paris.


    In summer of 1995, I was in Paris for two months, so I rented an apartment in the Latin QUarter (all of its 25 sq meters on the 7th floor, no elevator) thanks to H-FRANCE.  Since it was a very, very hot summer, I had to figure out ingenious ways to block the French windows (without screens) while still allowing air in. Someone else's cat regularly made the circuit of the 7th floor window sills.


    The short answer was buying about 7 fans at Samaritaine.  The rest of the answer was an elaborate wire arrangement I could never replicate in a million years that made the windows ever so much smaller than my cat (Kitikat, my former cat, not Leelee).  It didn't make her stop trying, but it was effective.


    However, the most wondrous experiences came from walking KK on her leash, something she'd always done on Cape Cod.  We lived near the Jardin des Plantes, and an Algerian guard took an immediate interest in her, especially the idea that a cat would walk on a leash. (If an indoor cat really wants to go out, she will rejoice in a leash!) A week later I ran into a French couple with children who had lived in San Diego for two years.  While the parents and I spoke in French, the children asked if they could speak to Kitikat in English!  And they did...


    It's one of the things I love about EUrope -- pets are definitely part of the family, and they come with you on vacation or for work or to dinner.  So I'm all in favor of pet friendly hotels and airline cabins. Naturally it comes with a cost, but all of us cat and dog lovers will happily pay as long as our animal companions are safe.  And it can almost always be done in a way that does not discomfit people with allergies by making sure they're not in the same area.


    Vive Doris, Bob, and other animal lovers!

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