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Customer service

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It is a good thing Marriott customer service people do not work for me. Heads would roll. They have a job which requires trying to provide service to the public. It is all they do. By providing this service it doesnt mean they must kiss my rump or promise all will be well, however a response would be nice, and maybe a response from someone who speaks english as their first language.

A request made for missing points was made first by mail and then by email to try and get some help. Nothing was done. 8-10 weeks after I sent in all the required paperwork and still no answer. Almost 2,000 nights in the Marriott chain and they do nothing! Hilton chain starting to look better and better. Only 500 nights maybe time to even up with Marriott.

Finally watched as family with 2 kids showed up at Marriott hotel and requested a double room for the night. I paid $84, he was offered a room for $119. 5 minutes later another man came in with his 2 kids and asked for the same double room and was told $139. Nothing different with his request. I spent weeks at this hotel and have watched front desk help play games with young gentlemen who are staying at hotel. It is like junior high and lets make a date. 

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    I must be very lucky but I have never experienced what you did with customer service, not at the Platinum or the Platinum Premier desk or (in the good old days) at the general reservation desk.


    That being said, it could happen, and might to me at any time.  Quality control is something we all wish for but know that it seldom happens in the real world!  When human beings are involved the chances of a dropped ball or missed opportunity are exponential.


    Does this excuse the faultiness of the response you got? Hardly.  It makes it even more important to ensure that service personnel are trained in customer relations, and are good listeners, and actively work to resolve problems we give them.  It will not fix all problems but it will make us a little more secure in knowing that we are at least being heard when we call or write.


    Please let us know how and when this is resolved.

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    one week ago i send to the customer  care a mail

    please  will  you make a reservation  for  me in

    bangkok  and phuket  with  the  reservation number

    interval make  for  me alredy  the  reservation for

    a gateway week  and  the  exchange  week.

    for see  my reservation  in my  upcoming resevation

    from  marriott.com

    normaly  nathing  more  easy  when  the  sercice want  work.


    result  customer care  dont  send my request  to  the reservation

    department  from  marriott , no  to  marriott  rewards  in europe

    marriott  rewards send this to  the  vocation  club  europe.

    believe  me or not  this  peaple  know  nathing.

    i am member  from  marriott rewards  but  not from  any

    vocation  club from  marriott.  and  this  was  to  much to

     anderstand for  the  vocation  club  in  europe  this  service

    dont  know dit all  member  from interval  are not  automatiqly

    member  from  the  marriott  vocation club.


    after  4  days  i  get  a  mail  from  the  vocation  club

    only  the  mail  adresse  was  correct.  in the  mail

    i find  the  name from  the  person with  what  i  check in

    last  year  in  phuket.  not only  marriott  privacy ,  must

    more important  my  private  life  privacy  was broken.

     from the  vocation club in europe.

     from  where the  vocation club  get  the  name  from  the

      the  person with  what  i check  in last year in phuket?

    i  will have a meeting  with  the  manager  from  the marriott

    phuket  beach  club  in  not  long  time.


    when you not member  from  marriott  vocation  club, 

    the  employee  from  this  service think i stolen  the

    gateway  and  my exchange  week  from  interval ?

    for make  this incroyable  investigation from  my privacy.

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