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In such a great company, one disappointment

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When is the Courtyard line going to offer something special to Platinums?  I continually try them for single nights just to see if I might get a breakfast, a paper at the room, a bill delivered under my door, or even coffee!  I can choose to stay my 80-110 nights per year at Courtyard or some other member of the Marriott product line. 

After reading one Platinum's concerns with the Sacramento Courtyard, and since I already was planning to go there, I decided to test the Courtyard waters after about 6 months off.  They were wonderful, polite, and even provided me with a dinner because of some minor, and I do mean minor, mistakes they made.  I had hoped that this was a signal of change. 

Then, this week, I chose one in Texas on the north side of Austin.  The room was great but all I got was a bag of peanuts.  No water, no refrigerator, no paper at the room, and, for sure, not even a discount on the expensive breakfast.  Of course I can afford it.  But I chose the Courtyard.  I didn't stay at the nearly-next door Fairfield or (I think) Springhill.  Each of them offer breakfast and a couple other things. 

I don't get it.  They are the only ones in the family of facilities that won't seem to acknowledge the Platinums who choose them. 

I guess I need to put them on time-out.  One year.  Then I can try them again. 

If I'm missing something, please, someone, let me know. 

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    I really hate to say this (well, really, no I don't... I've said this with my comment cards on the last couple of stays in Marriott properties, and I haven't heard much back... maybe I need to fire off a missive to Platinum Customer Care!)...  but here goes...

    Over the past several stays in Marriott Properties (including several Marriotts and several Courtyards), I have noticed a marked reduction in service.  I have had a property ask me what newspaper I wish to receive in the morning--to receive no newspaper the entire stay.  I have had hotels not give me my Platinum arrival points.  (which, honestly, is a minimal concern, but still!)  I have had hotels put me up in very crappy rooms--and when asked, they say that that is the "best room available".  I have had hotels damage belongings!  It's just getting really bad.  Marriott Platinum no longer means what it used to mean, and it's getting frustrating.

    In fact, I stayed at a full-service Marriott a couple of months ago and I had a Concierge Floor room booked (not an upgrade--when I booked the room, all they had left was Concierge Floor rooms).  Upon arrival, they told me that all the Concierge Floor rooms were full, but that they would still "give me access to the lounge".  I asked if they were going to give me a discount on the room rate down to a non-Concierge rate.  The dumbfounded clerk looked at me and said that he could do that, but he'd have to remove the Lounge access from my key.  I asked him to look at the reservation, and he said that the reservation was for a Concierge Level King room, and that he didn't have any available, so he was going to put me in a lower level King room (etc...).  I asked him if the reservation mentioned my Platinum status.  He said that it did, but that didn't make any difference if they had no rooms available!  I asked for a manager, and was told that a manager wasn't available.  I reiterated that I wanted either a Concierge level room or that I wanted a lower rate for a non-Concierge level room, and I was still expecting lounge access because of Platinum status.  I was also going to invoke the Platinum Guarantee.  Suddenly, he "found" a Concierge level room.  The room was, however, atrocious.  It looked like the door had been kicked in and repaired (not replaced).  The walls were damaged, the room was physically dirty.  I will NOT be going back to that property...

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