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My Summer Travel Short Story

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Every year as we plan our summer travel plans it revolves around what national tournaments our kids will be traveling to. Yes we are a sports family and our vacations are on the softballs fields and baseball fields across the country. Even though this means sometimes my wife and I have to go in totally different directions and having to communicate via text or phone to let each other know how the kids are doing or mainly just to hear each others voice we would not change it for the world. We have been blessed with 3 great healthy and wonderful children a 19 yr old that dances and dazzles to Hip Hop/Salsa on stage or on the dance floor and a 16 year old that we know will play collegiate ball and possibly make her life long dream of playing on the Olympic team one day as well as our hercules 10 yr old that also shines on the diamond as he crushes the ball over the fence and makes ESPN webgems at shortstop as well as throwing flames from the pitchers mount. Our family is all about sports my wife and I grew up playing Men's and Women's Fast Pitch until the kids schedules took over but to be able to watch them day in and day out is priceless. This summer we are traveling to St. Louis for the 10 yr old AAYAB World Series that my son will play in, we will also travel to Southern California for Premier Nationals that my daughter team has been invited to play in and we will do a local trip to College Station for a ASA Nationals all these within a 4 week period. Our goal and dream is to watch both of them win the respected titles all players look forward and train so hard to win. Hoping for that in the middle of all the excitement and nail biting plays and hits makes taking a beach vacation boring. We sit in the heated sun cheering our kids until blue in the face sometimes and we pace up and down the walkways when it is their turn to bat or while they are making the web gem plays but all in all we end more exhausted then they are even though they are playing the games or cutting the moves on stage it is a scene that my wife and I would not trade for the world. we know that these types of summer vacations will not last forever even though we are sure that they will last at least for a while longer and possibly longer once the grand kids get hear but for now we enjoy the beautiful sceneries of  beaches, country sides and exhausting travels whether it is at 3:00 am or 12:00 pm midnight we would not have it any other way. And yes my wife and I spend a little quality time in the middle of this circus that is what keeps us together and motivated with each other but most of all enjoy your children as much as possible because in no time they will be grown up and moved away from home but the memories will always be there with hope their little ones will follow in the footsteps waiting for grandpa to coach.  

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