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Failed Marriott Promotion & Failed Customer Service

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I am a premiere platinum member at Marriott, and I have never been more frustrated by Marriott, Marriott Rewards and Marriott Customer Experience in my life.

I have been on the phone for more than 2 hours. I have been hung up on twice.  I have been transferred to 4 different Marriott desks and my question remains unanswered.

Today, I received a teaser email about a new summer promotion offering $50 Discount and a free companion airline ticket for any weekend stay at a Renaissance Hotel (Code R6M).  This was a new promotion, but it was open retroactively from June 18 through the end of the summer.

Since I stayed at a Renaissance in Chicagoin the eligible time period, I am eligible for this reward.

I called Platinum premiere Line and was transferred to Marriott Rewards.  Marriott Rewards promptly tried to switch me back to Reservations, but hung up on me.  When I called back to Marriott Rewards they transferred me to Reservations.  Reservations transferred me to Marriott customer Service.  Marriott Customer Service said initially that I was not eligible (although I read the eligibility and fine print and I am eligible).

Finally someone came on the phone after 30 minutes on hold to say that they would need to reach out to the Renaissance Chicago to see if they would honor the reward.  Which is bizarre since I received an unsolicited email saying that they were offering the reward.  Apparently, someone from the Renaissance will call me back in 3 to 5 business days to determine if I should receive this award or not.

Marriott Promotions ARE BRUTAL....

Can anyone on this board straighten this out?



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    I feel for you. I just got that email offering the $50 certificate and companion airline ticket. I am scheduled to stay at a Renaissance next month, and was considering extending my stay to include a Friday night.

    But the fine print (very fine and very long) doesn't say which cities or airlines the companion certificate is good for. It refers you to the www.companionbooking.com website. But if you go there, you have to have the certificate number in order to get into the website. So you have to stay and get the certificate before you find out if you can use it.

    Unless of course, you try to call them as you did. You have already told us how well that works.

    Let us know what the outcome is -- assuming you get a call. I'd be interested to know how many restrictions there are on the free tickets -- blackout dates, airline restrictions, city restrictions.

    One telling part of the fine print was that qualifying paid tickets may not be the cheapest available. So maybe there's a $300 ticket available for where you want to go, but perhaps the 'qualifying' ticket costs $500. Thus, the 'free' companion ticket is worth only $100.

    When it takes over 10 minutes just to read the fine print on the companion ticket, you know there's a good chance it's going to be almost impossible to use and of little value.

    Similar to the Marriott Bucks I receive from time to time. They can be used only if you call a particular number to make the reservations and pay the rate they quote. Most of the time that makes the Bucks useless, as there are better rates available that more than make up the value of the Bucks. I've only found one instance that I could use the Bucks and get any value.

    I've about given up on these sorts of promotions.

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    Will keep you posted.  It's funny, because this was finally a promotion that seemed like something that I could actually use, and so I did all of the due diligence on the fine print.  I could not tell which hotels were eligible, so I tried booking with the code at the hotel I stayed at, and it worked.  So I know my hotel is eligible, I know I had a qualifying stay, I know that I did not receive anything from he hotel at  time of stay and I know that there is not anyone who can tell me anything to fix it.  I am amazed that no one from Marriott has contacted me on this forum.   I guess it is not monitored to frequently.

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