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The Personal Element

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Hi Andrew and all Insiders,

I probably responded too quickly because I was both excited to get the email and post my reply.  In the process, I forgot to emphasize the most important aspect of Insiders to me -- the personal element.

I've gotten to know a number of you (more recently!) on an email level, because we haven't been able to have the kind of exchange that we had gotten used to in the past.

Andrew, I would ask that the goal of the team working to 'fix' the site should be to restore the personal experience we once all loved.  I loved reading Jerry's posts on Paris, NewHilton's on Greece and Istanbul, SteppingStones on so many different things, TJC on both travel and website issues, and so many more of you.  I could go on and on but you all know you are.  But unless you contact me or I contact you, we no longer have that experience -- nor do any of the so many others who read our mutual posts that often then extended into long strings of amazing and often inspirational postings.

Travel experiences are meant to be shared, and that's what we had been doing.



PS -- I second NUHUSKER on taking up the advice of Insiders who have special expertise in website issues.

I also share the view that at least 50% of the content posted since the switch has been negative.  Mine have probably been 90% negative.

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