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Platinum Princess:


Am using Firefox.  Repling to your recent post triggers the following error: 


500 Internal Server Error

Resin Professional 3.0.21

(built Thu, 10 Aug 2006 12:17:46 PDT)


I am able to duplicate the behavior on Firefox and tried repeatedly to contact Marriott w/o success.  I agree with your comments. Having paid my dues in software engineering and software product marketing and management in several industries, releasing new versions of an established platform into the production environment without robust end-user testing is very poor practice.  As you point out, giving advance notice and inviting select Insiders to participate in testing would have a positive impact on rolling out the enhancements.


The 500 Internal Server Error suggests that Marriott's vendor, LiveWorld is experiencing significant challenges migrating the forum message databases which are being rolled up from 10 forums to four.  If anyone has opted-in/subscribed to receive Insider Updates, watch out for l-o-n-g e-mails with reams of messages that have been 'updated' when in fact they have only been moved and now the pointers are broken.


Anyway, in my faith tradition this is Holy Week so I'll be MIA until after Easter.  I look forward to resuming discussion on the topics we're all so passionate about.


Stay tuned and Happy Easter everyone!


Updated 4/2 @ 5:37:  Edit Reply appears functional now.

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    Thanks for the update, TJC.  I use Mozilla Firefox as well.  I also found that unless this is part of that glitch (to call it so is too kind), lots of posts have been deleted.  I checked Rome as a search and found 63 posts; Paris something like 127; etc.  Since I always check these sites, hundreds if not more postings have gone missing.

    Sometimes new isn't better.

    Happy Easter! I too am celebrating.


    (For each location tag, you will be guided through a 3-step process to add (1) a city and a state or a city and a country, (2) a Marriott brand, and (3) a Marriott hotel.)

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    tjcnewyork Platinum
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    Greetings Professor,


    Although 'Create a Message', 'Reply' and 'Edit Reply' are now operable, it appears that many other functions are broken.  The consolidation to 4 forums scrambled the chronological sequence of messages so that My Profile and Search functionality is inoperable.  It appears that the amount of time required to do achieve the migration flawlessly and test the result prior to release to Insiders was underestimated.  That said, I am very confident that all messages will be restored, the broken links will be repaired and the content reindexed over time.


    Maybe then, the new bells and whistles might make sense and actually prove useful?  In the meantime, let's continue to provide candid feedback.



    (For each location tag, you will be guided through a 3-step process to add (1) a city and a state or a city and a country, (2) a Marriott brand, and (3) a Marriott hotel.)

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