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New Marriott Hill Country Resort

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Just spent a week at the new JWM Hill Country Resort outside San Antonio.  A gorgeous new facility in a beautiful setting!  They have some kinks to work out, however.  I found almost everyone on staff that I came in contact with to be pleasant and service oriented but the level of service was inconsistent.  Some areas of the hotel (arrivals, bellman, pool service) seemed to be overstaffed while others, particularly the restaurant servers, seemed to be spread thin and overworked.  I ate in all of the resort restaurants (and sports bar) several times and service was SLOW, especially in the sports bar where twice I waited for over 10 minutes after being seated before a server showed up at the table.  Overall, it didn't turn me off of the hotel because the servers were pleasant when you got them.  I will gladly stay at this hotel again, but they have some things to work on to be viewed in the elite company they are shooting for.

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    We just spent Friday and Saturday night of Easter weekend at the new JW resort north of San Antonio.  The facilities there are amazing.  Lots of stuff reminded us of the great resorts in Hawaii.  Wished we could have played a round of golf while there, maybe next time.

    Rooms were great, views were great, staff were very friendly, food was great.   However....they definitely need more restaurants.  I think Easter weekend was probably the first really full weekend they've had.  We arrived about 4:30 and walked around to check things out and look at menus.  At 5:15 at the 18 Oaks restaurant, they informed us that they were booked up and they only had 6:00 or 9:00 available.  We wanted to go back to the room and shower and change clothes before eating, so we moved on to go check out the other restaurant, Cibolo Moon.  When we got over there, they informed us they could not take reservations between 7 and 8 and they were booked up the rest of the time.  So we walked back to 18 Oaks and ate early.  Service was good and food was great, but we wished we had been told about the need to make reservations when we booked our room, or at least when we checked in.  But wait...it got worse.

    We then went to the sports bar for some drinks and to check it out.   The huge screens up on the wall are amazing, but there's only about 15 seats in the whole place that have a good view of them.  The space is way too skinny for anybody else to have good views.  About the food...we just ordered dessert and it took forever.  Others were coming to the bar from the pool area to order food to go and it was taking 30 minutes for their orders to come out.  Lots of unhappy people.  But wait..it gets even worse.

    The next morning, we just grabbed something at Starbucks and then went out to the pool area.  We had people meeting us for lunch, so I decided I'd better check on making a reservation for lunch.  When I went by Cibolo Moon about 9:30, the amount of people waiting for a table and waiting in line to get on the list for a table was incredibly large.  Had to be about 100 people or more waiting.  So I went up to the concierge desk to ask about making a reservation.  She called down to the restaurant and from hearing her part of the conversation, it sounded like the restaurant was totally overwhelmed.  The concierge commented that some people had asked for their room rate to be adjusted because they couldn't eat breakfast. 

    Well, they took my reservation for 11:30.  When we arrived there, they asked "4 for breakfast"?  I said no, lunch.  They then mentioned that they had a limited lunch menu because the breakfast buffet was served until 1:00 on weekends.  The limited lunch menu had 4 appetizers, 4 salads, 4 sandwiches and 2 entrees to choose from.  It worked for us, but again I would have liked knowing about that before we had decided to meet.  I suggested that they update their website to reflect this information.  It then took nearly half an hour for our salads and sandwiches to come out.  A manager came out and apologized. 

    Any chance I had, I told staff that they needed more restaurants, and they all agreed.   Except our waitress at lunch whose response was simply..."we spent $20 million on this kitchen".  Well, they should spent some of that to build a 3rd restaurant for the property.

    So...I would recommend this JW property, but make your dinner reservations before you arrive.  And don't book the rate that includes breakfast because unless you want to eat at 7 am or 11 am, you will have a long wait.

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