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Carlisle PA -- Fairfield Marriott

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I was looking for a spot on the Marriott website to provide feedback on my last stay, but unfortunately I couldn't find one.  So, I'm hoping this post gets back to the operating manager of this location.

Overall the hotel physically looked great.  It is obviously a new building and it looks like one.   The color scheme is very well done.  I particularly liked the carpet in the lobby and throughout the hotel.  Bright, yet tasteful and looked good with the rest of the hotel design. 

In terms of customer service, my wife and my experience were somewhat different potentially because I am normally a business traveler and she is not.  Also, I work on corporate customer service systems and so I am more critical.

Her take:  Desk personnel friendly when she checked in.  Told her about a 10% discount at local area restaurants if you showed your room card.  This was really a nice touch that we took advantage of at the local Applebees.

Hotel manager was very friendly and outgoing at breakfast.  My wife got there about 6:00 on Sunday.  The night crew was friendly.  Breakfast was available when she got there.  The manager showed up at 7:00 and was very outgoing and attentive, cleaning up talking to customers, etc. 

My take:  I got down to breakfaast around 9:00 and wanted to print something out and make a copy at the business center cubby.   There were no instructions on how to use the system probably because it was set up so that one could surf the internet and print from the desktop computer.   I couldn't tell if the printer had copy capability and so went to the desk.   The person there offered to make the copy for me, but couldn't tell me how to print from my laptop.  "no one ever seems to have a problem".  She made the copies for free which was nice. but I never could figure out how to print my document.   She was nice, but not self confident and outgoing, didn't really look me in the eye and engage with me.

When I went to get breakfast, the coffee was empty except for the decaff.  There was no protein except for the packaged muffin things in the small fridge and the bananas were all dark and bruised.   Lunch meat, peanut butter, cheese or something similar would have been nice.   When I went to the counter to ask for more coffee, no one was at the desk and I had to call back into the office to get someone's attention.   The manager told me he was making some more coffee and came out to check on it and filled the carafes, but then didn't say anything like "sir the coffee is done, may I bring you a cup?"  He just filled it and left. 

When I left the hotel and was obviously heading to my car with my luggage, the person at the counter said nothing.  I even looked over to see if someone was there and the woman behing the counter avoided eye contact.  No, "thnks for staying with us" or warm farewell of any kind.  The friendliest most outgoing person I met on the staff was the maid who was riding down in the elevator with me in the morning and was outgoing when I engaged her.   Overall the hotel looked very clean and well maintained except for the carpet in the elevators which needed to be vacuumed.

Overall, a very nice hotel and a good value versus a full service hotel.   The experience would have been improved a lot with a little more attention to detail and a more engaging and outgoing staff.


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