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OK, maybe I am just getting old (and, full disclosure, I attended my fair share of very loud rock concerts in the 1960s and 1970s, and fired enough Army howitzers and rifles with no ear protection to have damaged my hearing) but it is my imagination or do some hotel lobbies crank up the music?


Recently at several Marriott hotels ( and they were various brands) I noticed that the music (usually one of the satellite radio feeds) was very loud, and energetic as well, (to be kind).  Folks entering the hotel had to shout to be hear each other (which they did).


At the newest version of the Springhill Suites where we've stayed, there is a tendency to have the lobby TVs at extemely loud levels, and again, the folks in the lobby have to shout to be heard.


Whatever happened to that peaceful and tranquil Mantovani-type music we formerly heard in every public space courtesy of Musak or another vendor? 


Times and my hearing have certainly changed.  Not everyone is zoning with their i-Pods it seems, so those of us who want to have a little peace and quiet need to speak up, or down as it were to end the din in hotels and hotel restaurants.


Anyone else been subjected to this sensory overload?

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