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Platinum benefits in Paris and London

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We will be traveling to Paris and London this summer.

We will be staying at the Paris Marriott Rive Gauche and the St. Pancras. I am paying for one room in each and using points for second room. Taking mother, mother in law and aunt along.


1st question, I usually don't get upgraded at any of the Marriotts I have stayed, and I haven't argued for it and/or asked for it. I would like to know about both Paris and London, do I request ahead of time or do I ask at check in? If so, who do I talk to?


2nd question, when it comes to breakfast, do we only get access to the Executive/Concierge Lounge at each one? or do we get the choice of Lounge and restaurant?


3rd question, what is the differernce between Platinum Elite and Platinum Premier?


4th question, will they allow early check in Paris, since we are arriving at 9 in the morning from an overnight international flight?

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    Try to make arrangements for the hotel to have transportation for you from CDG.  It will not be more expensive that a taxi, but you will have a private car and get directly to the hotel.  Contact the front desk/concierge, tell them your plans and have them have a room ready for you.


    After flying all night, you don't want to wait to check in.  Plus, you will know some of the wonderful staff at the hotel.  They will help you save money and time!   Good Luck!

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    I've stayed at both these hotels several times. Neither are central but both are very well connected via subway lines to the central areas. Remember both London and Paris are major metropolis cities so nowhere is close to everywhere. The Marriott Rive Gauche (MRG) is a ~20 min walk to Place Luxembourg, and ~40 min to The Seine. Likewise the St Pancras Ren (SPR) is a ~20 min walk to Russell Square and ~40 min walk to Oxford Street.


    I never ask for upgrades, because unless I want a suite, I dont have to, Marriott in Europe virtually always (90%+) comes through with a larger/corner/concierge room. Both times I've stayed at the MRG have resulted in a concierge room upgrade, once to a corner concierge room. Be aware however, whilst the rooms at MRG are a fair size for a cramped European city like Paris, I suspect most Americans would call them small, some too small! The SPR has a policy of upgrading all Golds/Plats to the best room in the Barlow (new-built) wing, subject of course to availability. Being a new build area of the SPR these rooms are larger than the norm for London, though I doubt any American would be impressed with the size. All the lower priced rooms at SPR are in the Barlow wing and the SPR has a policy of routinely upgrading Gold and Plats to the best category Barlow wing room. The hotel also has about 20 rooms in the old building called the Chambers wing. They are a mix of junior, full and multi-level suites and the hotel does NOT provide free upgrades to Golds and Plats into these rooms, however, subject to availability it does have a policy to upgrade Plat Premiers to these rooms. It also offers the rooms for a heavily discounted upgrade rate to Golds and Plats at checkin. I've done this and they are spectacular! I've also stayed in one of the Barlow wing rooms, and they're fine.


    Both properties have an exec lounge, the MRG is a pretty typical Marriott lounge open every night except Saturday. Food offerings are strong and it has a 4 hour happy hour each evening serving free wines and beers. You can choose breakfast in either the restaurant or the lounge, but the lounge is definitely more of a "grab and go" affair. The restaurant breakfast is excellent with an egg station for while-you-wait omelettes and fresh fried or poached eggs. The SPR lounge is somewhat more unusual in many respects. Firstly it's "The Chambers Club" which is available to all patrons staying in the Chambers wing suites and also the owners of the 70-or so private apartments that share the St Pancras station building who all pay an annual subscription to use it. As a result the SPR can't afford overcrowding and so limits lounge access only to Platinums. Golds don't get access unless they're in the Chambers wing, instead they get drinks vouchers and free restaurant breakfast. However for Plats and those in the chambers wing rooms, you're in for a treat! Firstly 2 unusual benefits of the club, free access to the next door barber,and secondly free Eurostar concierge service where the concierge will meet you in the lounge 30 mins before your Eurostar departs, take you and your luggage through the VIP security lanes and help you board your train. Utterly relaxing sendoff to Europe,  reminiscent of the great days of first class travel arrangements! Now, to "The Club" itself, looking like an old gentleman's club (not the Spearmint Rhino Gentlemans Club kind, the English gentlemans kind!) it's a constant smorgasbord of food offerings from breakfast to elevenses snacks all the way through an excellent afternoon tea and into a very strong evening service that runs till 10pm with free wine and beer running from lunchtime to end of service and spirits between 5pm-8pm. Manned all day, staff serve you to your table or you can serve yourself. Alternatively for breakfast you can choose the "booking office" restaurant which has one of the widest offerings in Marriott-dom and freshly cooked-to-order egg dishes served to your table.


    I've found both MRG and SPR to be very service oriented and will give you an early checkin if they can, however both are very popular hotels, the MRG due to its conferencing facilites and the fact that it's one of the cheaper quality hotels in the city, and the SPR because its historic and right on the International Railway Station. Both may find providing a 9am checkin a struggle. I would definitely liase with the hotel about that beforehand. Both do (unsurprisingly) have concierges who'll keep your luggage. Getting to MRG by public transport is simple, take the RER B train underneath CDG and get off at Denfert Rochereau. The hotel is a 5 minute walk on the right down Boulevard St Jacques. There is a subway station straight outside the hotel (St Jacques) but you have to change at Denfert and with all the stairs and waiting to connect it's far faster to walk. I don't know if the hotel does a car, but it's a well known place so any taxi will reliably drive you there from the airport. It'll take much longer than the train though, Parisian traffic at 9am is evil! I assume you're taking the Eurostar to London, and if so I'd suggest you'll enjoy the space provided by booking the Standard Premier class which gives all the space of the first class carriage but with a lighter meal, at only a little more than the rather more crowded standard coaches. Paris Gard Norde is a drive/train journey from MRG. The SPR is right on St Pancras station, indeed some of the chambers suites overlook the international platforms there. Follow the signs, it's a 2-minute indoor walk and glass elevator ride after clearing customs.


    Finally, to your last question, Elite is the monicker given to all regular staying members, Silver Elite, Gold Elite and Platinum Elite, we shorten it to Silver, Gold and Plat but we mean the same thing. Platinum Premier (PP) is a designation given by Marriott to its top 3% of Platinums (who must have at least 3 consecutive years of Platinum membership). If you are selected as PP you'll be informed at the beginning of the year. It confers a small gift, last year it was a Bluetooth speaker, this year a wifi "tile" and the "premier" title. Some hotels recognise the status, like the SPR, others don't even know it exists. If while you're a PP but don't make the top 3% during the year to renew then you get busted down to regular Platinum again the following February.


    I hope all this helps, you should have a great trip...

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    In London it very hard to upgrade to club room or suite (do it by points or small cash if they accept) they are full most of the time but you can enjoy early check in or late check out ..

    usually early check in depend on the front desk if they have empty ready rooms they well why not 10 AM is normal time

    put in your mind summer time London and Paris are full of tourists so don't blame them ..

    Happy travel hope you enjoy

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