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Purple Cows

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This book, which carries the same name as the post above, says that to recapture the magic in any brand, especially one that has been battered by time, you have to stand out, like the so-called Purple Cow in the field of monochromatic Holsteins. 


What I take away from this is not only the need to stand out, to be unique in a crowded field of competitors, but also to be so remarkable that people, including your clients, associate you and your brand with life stories they share. In'n"Out Burger is one exemplar of this type of brand that enjoys a longtime remarkable success.


While talking on the phone with an associate at the Salt Lake City Marriott Rewards Platinum desk today, I had such an experience.  She related a story about Marriott Rewards and something she had done for a member and without divulging her name or the story, I must say that it made me proud to be a loyal Marriott customer.  After relating the incident in detail she commented that,  "here we are given the opportunity to make things happen within our power for the guests."


Bravo to the Purple Cow theory and to Marriott--we need more companies and individuals like this!

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