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In 1988 I purchased vacation ownership at Marriott Royal Palms. My maintenance fee then was $283 per week




Now in 2009 that maintenance fee has risen to $861 per week


That is a rise of $578 per week, or a rise of 304.24028%


In 1988 I was told that my week would exchange for 110,000 Reward points.This amount has not changed since the date of my original purchase, some 20 years ago.


Had the amount of Reward points changed by the same percentage as the maintenance, I should now be getting   334,664 points per week. If this figure is rounded to 330,000, then for this amount of points I would get a new award level of 2 flights and 7 nights in a category 7 hotel.


This award level compares favourably with the 1988 award level of 110,000 points, which back then would earn me:

              7 nights at selected RESORTS,

1 free flight and 50% off the second ticket

5 free night of a Hertz midsize rental car

2 certificates for a ‘buy one get one free’ entrée at Marriott  hotels

50% off a cruise with the purchase of one passage.


Another inflation check is the administration fee that I am required to pay to exchange my timeshare for points. In 1988 this was $35, today it is $124. A rise of 354%


Clearly the Reward points exchange value has not kept pace with inflation. This level of meanness shown by Marriott has completely wrecked the value of my vacation ownership, and the enjoyment that I always derived from it.


My vacation ownership no longer presents the same excitement and value that it did in the early years, and with the low rate of Reward points, my timeshare apartment no longer has a viable re-sale value. 


Just imagine for a moment if all MVCI members had been as mean as Bill Marriott, and refused to ever raise their 1988 maintenance fee, what would have happened to the MVCI resorts? Well they most certainly would not be as beautiful, well serviced and managed as they are today. My guess is they too would be wrecked. They would be suffering very low occupancy rates, and heading, as so much other low-quality timeshare, straight towards the timeshare graveyard.


In 1988 Marriott’s promotion flags stated “Timeshare as good as our name.” Some name that’s turned out to be!!


Marriott Reward points have never been part of the timeshare contract, but they were always strongly presented to prospective purchasers. Reward points were always the key to my purchases (I now have ten weeks.) They were the part of the ownership that excited me. Reward points offered the ability to visit 2000 Marriott hotels worldwide, without that connexion only about 40 timeshare resorts (In four countries) are available for use.


Marriott has always taken pride in the fact that they always ‘did the right thing’ for their guests. Now is the time to ensure that ‘They do the right thing’ for all those people who have invested huge amounts of money in Marriott Vacation Ownership.


MVCI must raise the point exchange value to 330,000 points.


Sincerely, Lesle P (drip drip)                                                          

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