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One thing I always do whether or not I get a reminder notice from the Marriott hotel I'll be staying at is email the hotel directly shortly before my arrival to remind them that I will be arriving early (it's on the form, but they get a lot of those). I ask if they can possibly accommodate me early in the morning and about 90% of the time the room is ready for my arrival even in the early hours of the morning.

Another tip if you're going to a non-English speaking country and know the language, know a few words, or can even look up a few words, is to try and write a little bit of the message in that language.  I have found while my first tip brings you to their notice personally, the second singles you out as someone who cares about their culture.

Even when I booked at the Athens Ledra (not knowing Greek), I looked up the words (transliterated) for good morning and good evening (kalimera and kalispera) and thank you (efcharisto) then wrote my message in advance mostly in English but using those words.

In other words, even though I find Marriott hospitality wonderful on the whole, anything you can do to personalize yourself before appearing at the front desk helps.  In almost all cases (especially in Italy, Ghent and Greece), I have gotten personal (not computer generated) responses from the concierge or manager in advance and the staff at the desk seem to know who I am as soon as I say my last name on arrival.

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