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As a kid, I was fascinated by the fact that you could see things that were far away by looking in the eyepieces of binoculars, but if you turned them around, and began looking in the non-eyepiece end, you could see things smaller when stadnding right next to them (I annoyed family members by doing this).


Today I hope we all can use that knowledge acquired as kids with these things when analyzing the current situation vis-a-vis tourism, our feelings toward Marriott Rewards, and our hopes for the future:


  1. We need to see the world as corporate Marriott sees from one end of the binoculars:  room income is down, wages are not down, costs are up, the pressure is on, sotckholders more than likely not happy, the list goes on.
  2. We loyal customers have a worldview that comes from looking from the other end of the binoculars:  we see what is happening to us as we stay somewhere, and we react to that change.

The reality lies somewhere in the middle:  we can't get everything we want and they can't give us everything we want.  Fact of life.  Unless and until the world economic situation improves we're going to have to do with less (and less).


In my humble opinion, that is.

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