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Quiz for Friday

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"I'll Take Greenbrier Secrets for 600, Alex."


Anyone know what the government person charged with maintaining the former secret congressional facility at the Greenbrier did for his "day job?"  I do, and wanted to see how many other folks do as well.


Serendipitously the bunker and the West Virginia Wing of the Greebrier were completed just in time for the Cuban missile crisis of October 1962. This remained the only occasion the shelter ever went on full alert. As the Cold War played out over the decades, Project Greek Island was quietly maintained and updated by the Army Signal Corps and sworn-to-secrecy Greenbrier staff. Incredibly, the government employees posed as your answer goes here and had orders to blend in with the townsfolk. No matter how patriotic these government employees were, serving their country by posing as see above in White Sulphur Springs, W. VA must have been the Cold War equivalent to directing traffic or walking a third shift sentry beat.

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