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Marriott Champs-Elysees transport

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Staying at the CE.  Coming in on the Chunnel from Uk and leaving out of CDG.  Any ideas on how transfers between the Chunnel train and hotel.  Also later, hotel to CDG.  One rolling suitcase and one carryon for my wife and I.  Would be open to cost effective mix of taxi, bus, and/or subway.  Don't want to break the bank or my back.


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    First, You're going to enjoy the EuroStar.  Consider upgrading to Business Class for that trip.  I did that with, um... eight members of my family some years back and found it thoroughly enjoyable - travel the way it used to be on the airlines.

    Second, I also think you'll enjoy the Marriott Champs Elysees.  Their focus on service and friendliness still stands out in my mind although my stay was several years ago.  Checking in as a Platinum Elite member was a TRIP!  I got a trainee at reception who had only been working for three days and she freaked out when she recognized my Platinum Elite status on her screen.  She called for a supervisor who unceremoniously elbowed her out of the way to take over the check-in transaction.  Being a corporate trainer myself at the time, I protested: "How is she going to learn if you do it for her?" and was told that they couldn't have me wait while a trainee practiced on a PE member.  I told her it was worth my while to wait and know that an associate was properly trained.  That little gesture earned me brownie points with the reception staff for the rest of my stay.  Meanwhile, almost as if some silent alarm button had been pressed, there were people in the lobby EVERYWHERE: Bellmen, a lady with coffee, the Front Office Manager and the General Manager of the hotel all fawning over me, welcoming me to Paris, to the CE Marriott, how had my flight been?, etc.   The FOM was going to walk me to my room with a bellman to carry my bags (one roll aboard and a backpack, which was still on my shoulders).

    I don't "look like" a PE - I was wearing jeans, sneakers and a leather bomber jacket and am quite able to handle virtually all of my travel needs myself.  So the attention, while very flattering, was WAY outside my comfort zone.  So I joked that I had managed to make it to the hotel from CDG via the RER and Metro without an escort and was quite concerned that she (the FOM) thought I would get lost between reception and my room without help.  She didn't miss a beat, changed her approach to match mine and joked back that they had once checked in a PE member and to the best of their knowledge, he was still roaming the halls looking for his room.  I enjoy people who so are able to match my humor with (appropriate) humor of their own.  I joked back that I'd call her office from my room so she wouldn't spend the rest of the day worrying about me.

    Later in the day, I came back to my room to find flowers on the desk with a hand-written note from the FOM that she was so pleased I hadn't gotten lost.

    Hotel staff was delightful for the entire stay. 

    Anyway,  You've probably figured, I'm not a taxi kinda guy.  You can easily use the Metro to get to and from the CE Marriott.  If you know three words, you can navigate very simply, even if you speak no French:

    • Direction - Every Metro line has two Terminus points.  Knowing the "Direction" - the end point of the line in the direction you want to go makes sure you get on the train going the right way.
    • Correspondence - It means "Connections".  When you exit the train at a station where you need to change trains, look for that sign - it is always yellow and is quite obvious
    • Sortie - the Exit

    There are multiple fare options available.  I always buy a carnet which is a ten-ticket reduced fare deal.  However, other than getting to and from my hotel and transiting very long distances, I seldom use the Metro as I find just walking in Paris to be a huge part of its charm for me.  After using your ticket to enter the faregate, always keep your ticket until you exit the system as there are often visits from Controlleurs checking the Metro cars to ensure that everyone on board has actually paid.

    Check out the website for the Paris Metro (and the RER - more on that below) at http://metro.ratp.fr  Click on the British flag and everything is translated to English if you need that.  There is also a complete Metro and RER map there.

    The Eurostar arrives at the Gare du Nord (GDN) which is also the name of the Metro Station.  The CE Marriott is located approximately equidistant between the Franklin D Roosevelt and George V metro stops on the 1 line (ligne) - perhaps marginally closer to the GV station.  If you exit at GV, you will walk AWAY from the Arc de Triomphe and the hotel is on the left side of the avenue.  If you exit at FDR, walk TOWARD the ADT and the hotel is on the right.

    From GDN, there are two good routes to consider:

    1. Enter GDN Metro, Look for Ligne 2 Direction: Porte Dauphine. Exit at station Charles de Gaule/Etoile. Look for Correspondence Ligne 1 Direction: Chateau de Vincennes. Exit at GV or FDR station and walk to the hotel.
    2. Enter GDN Metro, Look for Ligne 4 Direction: Porte d'Orleans. Exit at station Les Halles.  Look for Correspondence: Ligne 1 Direction: La Defense.  Exit at GV or FDR station and walk to the hotel.  I try to avoid the Correspondence at the Chatelet/Les Halles station whenever possible as it is an ENORMOUS station with virtually every ligne in the system converging there and thus, there are lots of people.

    From the CE Marriott to CDG Airport, you will need a special combination ticket which is good for both the Metro and the RER (the regional commuter rail system) You can buy the combo ticket at the ticket booth or at the vending machines in any metro station. KEEP THE TICKET after the Metro as you will need to use it a second time to enter the RER system and a third time to EXIT the RER system at CDG

    Enter the Metro at GV or FDR Direction: Chateau de Vincennes. Exit at station Chatelet.  Look for Correspondence: RER Ligne B, Direction Aeroport Charles de Gaule.  Use your combo ticket to enter the RER system.  There is both a local and a semi-express train on Ligne B.  The time difference on the "Express" versus the Local is about 15 minutes, so it really isn't a big deal if you take the local. 

    Exit at CDG Airport, use your combo ticket to exit the system.  Upstairs, you find buses to all of the terminals.

    This is probably more information than you wanted, but with the exception of Sydney Australia my love of Paris is unmatched by any other city on earth.

    Have a wonderful time in Paris!

    Kip (NYCUWS10025)

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    Awesome detail..  Thanks for taking the time to share. 

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    This is SO Good!

    The only thing to share is my experience is that I have chosen not to do business class on the Eurostar.  To me it is fun just sitting in the lounge or walking and not being "Seat locked".  You will meet so many youthful travelers that can really add to your travel experience.  Lastly, if you have a platitum, or Black AMEX card, you can relax (Free) in the VIP lounge in Paris or London.

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