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MR2009---The Great EXODUS begins

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Once upon a time  there used to be a great hospitality provider that made everyone feel at home when away from home, through thick and thin, through good times and bad---

One day, though, this provider decided that it would begin to tell folks one selling story, and deliver a quite different reality.  Since its repeat Loyal customers were accustomed to Trusting them, things were OK until patrons started realizing that they'd been led astray.


All were shocked by the 30%-50% devaluation in their point-stock, but I guess considering the WallStreet meltdown, perhaps it was in line with that---without the Bailout...


Though most complained to Ivory-Towered Marriott management---many received responses and stories that smelled of the Grimms Fairy Tale, "The Emperoror's New Clothes".


So, as the story goes, a Mass Exodus ensued, and all (of us) who so gladly had enjoyed sleeping with Marriott---decided to pack-up and go elsewhere, where Kindness, Honesty, Trust and Predictabilty may still exist...

 End of Story

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