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Marriott Points for MVCI Trades

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I would like to share with you the final letter from lengthy correspondence  that I have sent to a Customer Specialist in MVCI's Executive Office:

 Thank you once more for you full and kind reply. I guess that this brings our correspondence to a conclusion.

However I do have a final request, and that is please can you kindly refrain from calling the new Rewards system an "enhanced reward program." ( Simply because -as I have said - last year I could stay at a cat 6 hotel for 7 nights at a cost of 130,000 points. The new rewards will cost me 180,000 points. That is a 38.5% raise.) So there can be absolutely nothing that is 'Enhanced' about that.


I have also indicated  to you the value of the awards that I received for my vacation ownership in 1987, and you have to agree - surely - that the  new 2009 rewards are absolutely no match for that. So - once more it cannot be called an 'Enhanced reward program'.


I accept that the awards must increase in point value as many of your guests are now paying more monies to stay at an hotel which is far in excess of what they might have paid 22 years ago. I appreciate that Marriott has to control the value of the points awards that these guests receive. However you now have some 350,000 family members of MVCI, (And that figure could possibly  equal 1,400,000 large and small people who may be current or future guests of Marriott. Because Marriott has never inflation-proofed the points that they get for their ownership, it is my opinion that the connection with the Rewards system is of no value at all to them when planning their vacations. And I can only imagine that many - like myself - are absolutely totally disillusioned with Marriott. I believe that 1.4 million unhappy people might just have an adverse impact on your company business.


I have always appreciated that the Rewards connection with MVCI could be terminated at any time with six months notice. However I do believe that what Marriott is doing is to give the Rewards system - insofar as it relates to MVCI members - a slow and painful termination.

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