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Keep the change!

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  Well, after reading all the posts, it is clear that Marriott does not care to take care of the best and most loyal customers it has. One has to wonder how on earth they expect to attract new customers, if they are going to lose most of us! I have long been attracted to the Starwood points system, but have been reluctant to switch over because I felt that, as an owner, I was too embedded in the MRP system. But, after being frustrated with the system and the perceived arrogance of Marriott, I feel as many voters did this last election, and they did change.

  I do not like change, I am a rut person. I voted for McCain. But sometimes change is a good thing. Sometimes it is not. Clearly, when there is such a lack of praise for changes to a program, it is time to rethink what it is you are trying to accomplish. What has happened here is the sacrafice of long term gain for short term gain. I do not think that Marriott is hurting for cash flow. I know, I pay those maintainence fees and I stay only at Marriott, never checking the price of other hotels. This will change! As for Marriott and their rewards program, they can "keep the change"!

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