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New Program and  also Selection of Merchandise

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I wanted to add my vote stating that I like the hotel redemtion under the existing program better than the new one.  That said, I applaud your efforts to communicate the changes, ask for feedback, and participate in the fourms.  It is also very positive that you are responding in reasonable time frames.  Whether you "undo" the changes or not, at least you are listening.  Based on the responses, there are clearly changes you should reconsider.

My questions deals with the merchandise that is available for purschase with points. 

1.  Most items are rather expensive.  Would it be reasonable to lower the number of points required.  I would use it more frequently if you did this.  As a comparison, a room for 5 nights in a resort is about 110,000 points.    That room would normally sell for about $200 per night for a  total of about $1000.   A Wii is 100,000 points but can be purschased for $250.   I understand you do not pay the properties $200 per night - just like you do not pay $250 for the Wii.  So why is the Wii not available for 25,000 points?   Forget about whether my example is exact.  It is generally a good representation of the disincentive to use points for merchandise.

2.  Notwithstanding my point in item 1, there is not enough selection for higher end audio equipment.  Outside of Bose (which I believe has poor quality sound), everything else is low end.   So please add a better selection.

3.  Why not have a process for MR members to ask for certain products or class of products to be added?  Not a fourm like this...but a survey that we all have an option to complete.   Others have mentioned to me that they also do not like the selection.   Of course, if you do not fix the issues from my item 1 above, it may not matter.

Thanks for all your good work.   I do hope you take these suggestions as well as the many others of I seen on the new program and make changes that you see the majority of people want to see.  



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