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Loyalty is a one-way street with Marriott

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Presently we have almost 900,000 points and we have traded a Gold week for points, so that will add another 100,000 to take us over 1 million by the end of the year.  For years I have been planning on using those points to take a 6 week plus tour of India, Thailand and China during either 2009 or 2010.  I seriously doubt if I will have time to get the adventure thoroughly planned by 15Jan09.  Is there any chance that the present point scheme will be extended so that all those loyal Marriott customers who have beaucoup points will be able to use their points under the present plan? What do you suggest that we do to be able to use our rewards at their present value?


Our Gold week when now traded for points will  give us almost a week in a category 3 hotel – that is what most Fairfield Inns are.  That is going to be a hard sale for your sales staff .  I don’t think they will be talking about points any longer during their sales presentations.  It will sound foolish to tell customers that they can trade in their Platinum week for 5 nights in a nice hotel somewhere in the world.  Is there any chance that the value of the Platinum, Gold and all other weeks will be increased?


I feel that the value of our timeshare investments have been decreased by this new program.  Marriott has not been honest with its timeshare customers.  They have harmed us and lessened the value of the properties.  We will not buy that 4th week that we have always planned to do, in fact, we are going to sell the Gold week because it now has such little trade-in value and the maintenance fees are equal to the Platinum weeks.  Quite possibly you will have more owners selling through outside vendors because the loss of Marriott Rewards will not be so meaningful.


Recently, we did upgrade from Platinum to the Marriot Premier Signature card, but I have no intention of building more Marriott rewards only to see them devalued on such unfair terms.  This 9 year loyal Marriott customer has now taken out a Starwood AmExp card and we have purchased our last Marriott timeshare unit.  Isn’t the Rewards program called the Marriott Loyalty Program?  Loyalty appears to be a one-way street with Marriott.

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    Like you I have many points in my account, and I have no intention to lose their advantage to the (AWFUL) new scales.

    Therefore I have booked all my requirements at this time ie before the 15th January. I guess like you as well That I have no true idea of where i may vacation in 2009 but I know it will be in Asia/Australia/India. Therfore I have reserved many hotels on many occasions and I have gone way over my point level. When I have done this I receive the very polite message " You have exceeded your points level - Please ensure that you have enough points available before you arrive at the hotel" Later on when I can confirm my travel arrangements all I will have to do is to cancel those hotels where I plan Not to stay!!!


    Good Luck. 

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    Sounds like you have points to burn.  No problem, see the post, Hooray for Marriott Rewards? for Marriott's 3 for 2 Resort redemption offer that includes some 55 resorts at 'pointsaver' type specials including Goa in India, Sanya in China and Phuket in Thailand.  The offer expires in September but maybe you can negotiate a Platinum Overide. 


    http://cache.marriott.com/propertyimages/g/goimc/phototour/goimc_phototour12_s.jpg http://cache.marriott.com/propertyimages/s/syxmc/phototour/syxmc_phototour01_s.jpg http://cache.marriott.com/propertyimages/h/hktjw/phototour/hktjw_phototour15_s.jpg

     Goa, India      Sanya, China    Phuket, Thailand


    Best wishes and good luck!

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