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Lipstick on a pig

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Shame on you, Mr. Marriott!  Your customers may be loyal, but we are not stupid.  No matter how breathlessly you describe your new rewards program, the changes being made represent a significant devaluation of our points.  As a Vacation Club owner, I am particularly disappointed that you have, in effect, reduced the worth of my Marriott time share property.  Under this new rewards schedule, trading usage for points becomes a self-defeating proposition.  I expected more from Marriott, and I have to tell you that I feel a sense of relief at having resisted the impulse to buy additional weeks.  The benefits promised by your salespeople have been substantially eroded. What's that old joke about "lipstick on a pig?" 
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    "I expected more from Marriott"

    I'm an MVCI owner with multiple weeks of timeshare and agree with the statement about higher expectations.  With all the emphasis on brand development, brand recognition and brand identity, I expect more from Marriott in terms of brand integration through Marriott Rewards.  Marriott Vacation Club owners are an underserved community when it comes to rewards.


    "What's that old joke about "lipstick on a pig?""

    Apt and succinct.  You can dress something up, but it doesn't change what it is.

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