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No blackout dates?

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So now Marriott is announcing no blackout dates!  After about 8 years of collecting points, I discovered that everywhere and every time I wanted to use then, there were no "rooms at that rate available."  I thought for years that redeaming points for hotel stays was a hoax.  The only place that you could use them was at the places that I worked at.  I wanted to se them where I played!  Why else would anyone rack up the points.  It certainly wasn't so that I could go back to Hoboken and party on with my potential clients.  So now that I'm collecting points with Hilton and Holiday Inn (and have already achieved Diamond level on both), Marriott announces the end of blackout dates.  What more motivation can Marriott offer?
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    Don't confuse "Black Out Dates" with "No Rooms Available at Requested Rate"  They are two different things.  You will still get the "No rooms available message (even if you try to use anytime points which makes me wonder why they call them anytime if clearly you cannot use them anytime).  Black Out dates are special dates when the hotel does not allow the use of points for stays - for example, check out the New York Hotels during Christmas and New Years, they are "Blacked Out".  So even when they lift the black out you will still get the "No rooms available.....because they only allow so many rooms for points - Even if you want to use "Anytime Points!  Bottom line - The no black out date promotion is a sham!

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