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You recommend customer service for ISSUES.  What a laugh.  I have written many, many letters to Marriot Corp over 30+ years with none of them reaching any of the intended recipients, or anybody that seemed to care. Don't want free rooms, don't want letters of apology from general managers. When big mistakes, even ones of safety, I want to know I reached someone in REAL authority. Never have, convinced never will. Last kicker was when I was not recognized for all my years in rewards program, a number of which was as a Platinum member.  When My Bro-in-law, who I got to join the Rewards Program a few years after I joined got a special reward for being a 20 year member of the rewards program. No reward for me as they indicated I didn't have 20 years in the Rewards program.  Although I provided MUCHO information and mentioned a numbr of business moves/addresses and a recollection of a mixup with somebody in the midwest with the same name, and my getting his rewards statements. Customer service raaction - indifference.  Their current data system didn't  show it..... so....end of story. No follow-up to check old archives which I'm sure they had.  No reaction on my request to check on same name rewards.  No reaction on  my request to check on the Marriott hotel in New Orleans when I recalled the exact  date and the fact that Hershel Walker and team were staying at same hotel and I had been invited to attend an evening Rewards-members- only drinks and snacks. This stay was proof enough that I had 20+ years in the Rewards program.  I personally called and talked with a long term employee in New Orleans who confirmed some of this.  But the Customer Service person was indignant and unconcerned quoting me chapter and verse of why I DIDN'T  have 20  years as a rewards member.  So Be it!  I was exceeding loyal to Marriot for over 30 years.  Too bad the feeling wasn't/isn't mutual. 



So After 30+ years of    

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