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Calling all international business travelers

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I'd like to get something off my chest relative to Marriotts worldwide offering.  Is there anyone else out there who thinks charging and extra $15-$20 per day for internet services when the typical price of an overnight stay is $200-$300 per night is a bit excessive?  Frankly, I think this could be handled better by your people who set policy within the orgainzation as this irks me everytime I sign up for 24hr service to access the internet to do my job or talk to my wife or just want to seeing what is happening back home.  I think Marriott could go a long ways especially with the preception of offering something for nothing by burying this cost into the dialy room rate.  If people exceed a transfer limit, then they should be penalized by a higher charge because of it.  I go out of my way to stay in Marriotts worldwide and most places have an area where wireless is available for free.  What if I just want to kick off my shoes and work from my room...should I penalized by being charged for the same access that I could get for free 6 floors below me?  I think not.  there are other hotel chains who throw this in as part of the package but typically not Marriott...why is that?  You know people will pay for it so there is no real need to just go ahead and charge for it directly...right to their face.  I have no issues with Marriott as their hotels are usually amonst the best in that region, the rooms are clean, people are friendly, the food is good and you've certainly figured out the "bling" factor of eye appeal.  There is no reason to gouge for this service, I think you should re-evaluate this policy.

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