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Have you done the Marriott Survey?

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I started to do it.  After 5 minutes of paging through this tedious 15 minute tomb I realized I wasn't going to get paid in dollars, or points, for their marketing research.  It just wasn't worth.  Besides not being reimbursed for my time they would still keep the Bistro at the CY AND Starbux.


Don't know if this is the right place for this question, but I couldn't get to anywhere else in the maze to post a new thread.

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    This is essentially how I feel in general regarding most surveys/polls about Marriott and their services, especially their Rewards program. Given the past two year trend, I'm even more reluctant to invest the time since I'm not the millenial target audience. I truly believe, once the researchers get to the demographic portion and see my age, they move my results to another data spot (where all of merb's well intended hearing me's are passed along to).

    This survey (if it's the one I'm thinking about) is different. If this is the survey regarding Insiders, I broke my personal rule and spent the time to participate, because, unlike all of the operating decisions, I (hopefully not naively so) believe this is within the span of control of NathalieF and the other folks who we interact with in this forum.


    My hope is that the information Insiders invested the time to provide valid and reliable suggestions will actually be utilized to improve the efficacy of the Insider forum for the flow of ideas that not only provide an interesting read, but even more importantly, enhance all of our travel experiences.



    In spite of the ongoing flood of reviews, that even by Marriott's admission have impaired the value of the Insider forum (the major upgrade promised for November - and if not delivered, all of my thoughts above are to be disregarded as one big pipe dream), the following Post, highlights the significant potential of the Insiders forum:



    A post is made seeking information; thoughtful replies with a variety of ideas and suggestions are provided in a very timely fashion (impressively so, given the amount of competing noise a participant must wade through just to return to the topic), and the OP responds with acknowledgement of the contributions.

    With the conditions that your Have you done the Survey? post alludes to being a reality; eroding benefits and the lack of reaction to comments by Marriott executives, the Insiders forum might remain our last vestige of opportunity to improve our travel. I'm willing to give the Insiders social media team a few final chances to strengthen the tool.

    (For each location tag, you will be guided through a 3-step process to add (1) a city and a state or a city and a country, (2) a Marriott brand, and (3) a Marriott hotel.)

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