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Lenin Peak is the third highest summit in the former Soviet Union as well as the highest peak of Zailiysky Range and is also categorized among the accessible mountains over 700m. Since it has turned out to be one of the greatest accessible summits in the world and each year, receive hundreds of hikers from all corners of the world.

For Snow Leopard program, Lenin Peak is a first summit as its tradition. Experienced downhill skiers, as well as climbers, have triumphed through Lenin Peak. The escalating journey isn’t of precise technical difficulty. In addition, the succession from the 7,000 meters peak creates a permanent impression even upon the enthusiast of the most thrilling sports. Weather conditions are favorable enough to Lenin Peak and its surroundings. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t overlook the fact that has Lenin Peak is 7,000 meters summit, i.e. the major difficulty of the journey to the Lenin Peak is an altitude. Phases of filthy weather, low temperatures, and the avalanches need to be taken into consideration.

Lenin Peak acts as a geographical boundary between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan; however, slopes from the Tajik sideways are not famous. A massive majority prefer the Kyrgyz side as it has easy and accessible routes. Another factor making Tajikistan side is infamous is the fact that it has history as one of the most ruthless civil wars a number of years back, and quiet has an atrocious reputation of being a perilous place.

Lenin Peak’s friendly surrounding in one of the main reasons for its popularity. It's lush, lush meadows as well as virtual warmth at the camp site, marks a huge difference in association with equivalents in the zone. Several hikers get back with tender memories of camping with nomads as well as great horse-back rides around the Savannah. Kyrgyzstan nomadic culture on the meadows still boom.

The peak has experienced plenty of events over the years. A disastrous accident where nearly 50 people vanished, a world record attempt of mountain bike riding in high altitude, just mention a few. Each year hikers from both ends of the extremes come to Peak Lenin – newcomers who have not once visited the mountain defined the hike as “stealing toffee from a baby.”

Certainly, the most common mode of transport to land in Kyrgyzstan is via air and a huge majority arrive at Bishkek's Manas international airport. Dushanbe in Tajikistan, as well as Tashkent in Uzbekistan, are other ways to arrive Kyrgyzstan since it has airports with worldwide connections. All these capitals have agencies that can organize the red tape as well as a mode of transport. Bishkek is well networked with railway and the charges arriving from main cities across Europe, frequently through Moscow are favorable.

For the period of normal hiking season, there are constant tour operators, guides as well as expert hikers who are conversant with the area's weather conditions patterns. Without a doubt, this is the reliable source of information as the resident weather forecast station is situated a bit distant to take local weather of the peak into consideration.

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