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Marriott Rewards Points Expiration Policy FAQs

Q:  What is the points expiration policy?

  • Members of both Marriott Rewards and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards who do not have qualifying activity in the previous 24 months will forfeit all accumulated points.


Q:  When will it take effect?

  • The first date this policy will be enforced is February 1, 2016. At that time, if any member has not had qualifying activity since January 31, 2014 they will forfeit their points. The program will then review member activity of the previous 24 months every month moving forward.


Q:  Why is Marriott Rewards enforcing this policy?

  • From time to time adjustments to the programs are necessary to make room for new services and benefits that will enhance the member experience.


Q:  What is considered qualifying activity?

  • Earn points or miles on a qualified paid stay at any of our 3,800+ participating hotels worldwide
  • Make a redemption  stay at any of our 3,800+ participating hotels worldwide
  • Redeem points  for any one of our over 200 redemption options, including merchandise, cruises and digital downloads
  • Make a purchase using a Marriott Rewards or Ritz-Carlton Rewards credit card
  • Earn points with one of our program partners
  • Purchase points
  • Hold a qualifying group or event with the Rewarding Events℠ program
  • Earning points or miles on incidental charges at qualifying brands
  • Marriott Vacation Club owners exchanging their weeks or MVC points for Marriott Rewards points
  • Converting points to airline miles or airline miles to points


Q:  What does NOT qualify as activity?

  • Gifting or transferring points
  • Receiving points as a gift or transfer
  • Earning points through social media programs/promotions, such as #MRPoints
  • Registering for a promotion
  • Marriott Vacation Club owners staying during their ownership stay, even if earning Elite credit


Q:  Are any members exempt?

  • Yes.  The point expiration policy does not affect the point balances for the following members:  Lifetime Silver, Lifetime Gold and Lifetime Platinum. However, the program does still reserves the right to choose to apply a point expiration policy to Lifetime member accounts in the future.


Q:  How does this affect Marriott Vacation Club owners?

  • Exchanging ownership weeks or MVC points for Marriott Rewards points will count toward qualifying activity
  • Staying during an owner’s week and earning Elite night credit will not count as qualifying activity. However, if the owner has incidental spend on their folio during their ownership stay that earns either points or miles, this would be qualifying activity.


Q:  How do I know when my last activity took place?

  • Members can go online and visit My Account and select ‘Account Activity’ to view their activity history
  • Members who have elected to receive our member communications will receive an announcement email or postal mail of the policy enforcement that will list their account point balance and last known qualifying activity.
  • Members can also call Marriott Rewards Guest Services to inquire about their last qualifying activity


Q:  What if I had a stay that is not showing on my account?

  • If you believe you are missing a qualified paid stay and points/miles earning on your account, you should report a Missing Stay to resolve with Marriott Rewards Guest Services. To file a Missing Stay report, access My Account online and select “I have a missing stay,” or you can call Guest Services directly.


Q:  I reported a missing stay but my account point balance was forfeited in the meantime.  What now? 

  • If the missing stay is concluded and posted to your account after points have been forfeited, you should inquire with Marriott Rewards Guest Services to look into having the points reinstated.


Q:  Will I be notified before my account point balance is forfeited?

  • If you have opted into receiving Rewards communications and the Program has a valid email address, you will receive advanced notice of your points balance being in jeopardy and again after your points have been forfeited. Until this is implemented, it is a good practice for members to access My Account to review account activity to ensure they are in compliance of the policy.


Q:  If my points are forfeited, will my account also be closed to further use?  Will I need to set up a new account?

  • The points expiration policy does not close a member’s account. If a member has their points forfeited with this policy, they will not need to open a new Rewards account. However, if a member does not maintain an active status for five consecutive years, the member’s account may be deactivated.


Q:  If my points are forfeited, will I also lose status?

  • The point expiration policy does not directly impact Elite status or the ability for a member to earn Elite night credits or receive Elite benefits on property.
  • The point expiration policy does not apply to those members with Lifetime status. However, the program does still reserve the right to choose to apply a point expiration policy to Lifetime member accounts in the future.


Q:  Once points are forfeited, is it possible to regain the forfeited points after new qualifying activity?

  • Once points are forfeited they cannot be earned back after the 24 month expiration date, unless it is determined the points were expired in error. If a points expiration error does occur, a member should contact Marriott Rewards Guest Services to remedy.


Q:  What if I book a reservation but then cancel it; is this still considered activity?

  • The act of merely booking and/or cancelling a reservation is not qualifying activity under the point expiration policy. A member must complete a qualified paid stay or redemption stay to qualify.


Q:  Will my earning ability change if my points are forfeited?

  • If a member has their points forfeited due to no activity in the previous 24 months, it will not impact their point or mile earning ability going forward at participating hotels.


Q:  Will my Elite benefits change if my points are forfeited?

  • The point expiration policy does not affect a member’s current Elite status or delivery of Elite benefits. Even if a member has no qualifying activity but is still an Elite member as of the day their points expire, they will still have all the benefits of that Elite level until the Elite level’s annual renewal date.


Q:  What if I have more questions?


United States/Canada

1 801 468 4000 (8:15am - 9:00pm, Monday - Friday, US Eastern time)

1 800 450 4442 (toll-free, 24 hours/7 days per week)

Please note: the toll free number is an automated line.



60 3 2688 8080 (from Kuala Lumpur and Asia Pacific)

61 2 8298 5250 (from Australia)

8 a.m. - 8 p.m., Monday - Friday (Malaysia/Singapore local time)

8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Saturday

(Malaysia/Singapore local time)

Closed Sunday



400 830 0250 (from Mainland China)

800 962 962 (from Hong Kong)

9:00am – 6:00pm, Monday – Friday (local time)


Europe/Middle East/United Kingdom

44 20 7012 7312

0699 508 6492 (from Germany)

+971 4 449 0841 (from UAE)

8:00am - 6:00pm, Monday - Friday (GMT)

9:00am - 5:30pm, Saturday (GMT)

10:30am - 7:00pm, Sunday (GMT)



81 3 5405 1513

9:00am - 6:00pm, Monday - Friday (local time)


Latin America/Mexico:

52 55 110 221 21

55 11 3069 2507 (from Brasil)

8:00am - 8:00pm, Monday - Friday (local time)

9:00am - 2:00pm, Saturday (local time)

Closed Sunday

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