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New Program Scam

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When Bill Marriott founded his first Shoppe, he stated to his family that it would always be providing quality, good prices and you would know what your getting.  This new program changes takes us so far from that ideal.  In a time where money is tightening and travel is redefining itself, Marriott has taken a stand to dis-enfranchise that Elite travelor.  By increasing the points to obtain the same benefit is not a good thing.  Mr. French should just say,"we need to grab back more points and lessen the value of what you already have.  American Airlines when they changed like this were required to have "original miles" and "new miles".  The old miles still qualified for old reward point values.  Marriott should at least do that.

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    Greetings David


    Congratulations on a very thoughtful post.  Thanks for, Lack of Marriott Response and Re: Loyalty Programs.  Doing so prompted a look at your profile, uncovering your October 23 post, New Program Scam. This post offers a solution that I like and think it merits serious consideration.


    As you point out the AAdvantage program differentiates between "original" miles and "new" miles.  This approach has potential application as a solution for Marriott Reward members under several scenarios including but not limited to:

    • MVCI Owners:  This a group of 350,000 to 400,000 owners with a single to multiple weeks of timeshare.  Depending upon the resort, villa size and season, owners are eligible to trade/convert their vacation week for 80,000 to 125,000 Marriott Rewards points.  If considered as "original points" subject to a redemption schedule yet to be determined, the perceived value of these points could be maintained.
    • Platinum Elite:  This group probably includes 6 million Marriott Rewards members or 20% of the current membership of 30 million.  This group is among Marriott's most loyal customers who have stayed 75 nights or more per year and have accumulated hundreds of thousands of points up to 3 million and more prior to the January 15 2009 program change.
    • All other Marriott Rewards members up to 24 million members with a Rewards point balance above zero.  

    If you or anyone else has additional information about the AAdvantage approach let's discuss and vet it here.  As a first step, I am particularly interested to know if the AAdvantage program underwent any legal challenges as the United Mileage Plus program. 


    As a suggestion, I highly recommend that you edit your original post with a new title that is positive and upbeat to attract interest and discussion.  The word 'scam' may be off-putting to some and deter participation.  Just a thought. 


    Thanks in advance for your participation and congratulations on a very thoughtful post.



    (For each location tag, you will be guided through a 3-step process to add (1) a city and a state or a city and a country, (2) a Marriott brand, and (3) a Marriott hotel.)

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