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Hey Insiders,


We are working on the removal of Hotel Reviews from Insiders, and it should be complete this week. There will be some testing on the site this week to ensure everything is running smoothly with the removal of Hotel Reviews, and there will be inevitable ongoing “clean up” to remove all mention of Hotel Reviews from the site.


You may see some ‘Error’ pages

Once the Hotel Reviews section is removed, you may still see some reviews in areas that feature Trending Content, or the More Like This section. If you click on these reviews, you will see an Error screen since the reviews pages are no longer live. Eventually, these sections will phase out reviews too.


Why are you removing Hotel Reviews?

If you missed the posts where we announced the Hotel Reviews removal, you can learn more about it here: Verified Ratings and Reviews launching on Marriott.com and here: Insiders Updates are Coming.


Up next?

After Hotel Reviews have been removed, next we will be working on updating Blog Posts to behave like Discussion posts so that they won’t quickly be buried on the main page and there will be more exposure for your remarkable personal blogs.


Thanks for your patience as we make these changes and work to improve the overall Insiders experience!


Venice: city of culture, city of art. With the arrival of the spring season and the raising of the temperature, what’s better than a pleasant walk among the calli – the typical narrow streets of Venice – while admiring the various corners of the town? At our JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa you can enjoy a complimentary shuttle service with a privileged private pier’s location just steps off St. Mark’s Square:  indulge in the relaxed atmosphere of our hidden resort located on its own private island in Venice, Isola delle Rose, and conveniently board the resort’s private boat to enjoy a pleasant 15-minute ride across the smooth Venetian lagoon. Once you get off at St. Mark’s Square it’s time to explore the hustle and bustle of the San Marco district, and move around the city gazing at the ancient palaces while being amazed with every step you take. You can literally breathe a unique atmosphere, where history, different artistic styles and culture merge together in a harmonious combination.


Venice has a many permanent cultural offerings ready to satisfy 365 days a year for any kind of curious traveler, but the highlights of the town are its temporary exhibitions: the Peggy Guggenheim Collection is one of the most vibrant Museums in Venice, offering educational programs, family and children’s activities, interactive features and creative workshops. Not to be missed from 14th February until 6th April 2015, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection will host “Jackson Pollock’s Alchemy. Paint and Process”, and visitors will finally have the chance to see this masterpiece of American Abstract Expressionism after more than a year’s absence; this is a great opportunity to admire the original magnificence after the delicate operation of surface cleaning.


This will be a prelude to “Jackson Pollock’s Mural: Energy made visible” exhibition which will be hosted at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection from 22nd April until 14th September, becoming the first European venue for the presentation of this masterpiece of art – Mural – which is Pollock’s largest painting and now considered one of the most important American paintings of the 20th century. For private, personalized visits at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection our Head Concierge is the right connection to enjoy a truly tailor-made experience, adding a very special touch to your cultural visit in Venice.


Linda B.

JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa


Hi Insiders,


I’m excited to share with you Marriott’s first special offer in 2015: Stay for Breakfast.


The Stay for Breakfast package includes overnight accommodations and breakfast for two adults and children up to twelve years of age staying in the same room- up to a $40 value.


Participating Brands:

JW Marriott®, Autograph Collection® Hotels, Renaissance® Hotels, Marriott Hotels®, Gaylord Hotels®, AC Hotels by Marriott®, and Courtyard by Marriott®.



  • Available at hotels:  Weekends Only Thursday – Sunday with Friday and/or Saturday stay required
  • Available at Courtyards:  Weekends Only Thursday – Sunday with Friday and/or Saturday stay required
  • Available at resorts:  7-Day Week Promotion
  • Stay windows vary by hotel


The offer opens on January 15, 2015. Use code S4B to book. Learn more here:



With near freezing temperatures in DC, I can think of a few places I’d like to stay for breakfast. Where will you stay for breakfast first?

ENTRY 1_Preston Marriott Front of Hotel Gardens.jpgENTRY_Preston Marriott Brought's Restaurant Bay Window.jpg

The Preston Marriott Hotel is situated in the village and civil parish of Broughton, in the City of Preston, Lancashire about 4 miles North of Preston City Centre in the North West of England. People have lived in Broughton village since the Bronze Ages. The first mention of Broughton came in the 11th Century when it appeared in the Doomsday book, and it has several unique claims – its primary school is the oldest in the country (established in 1874), and it is the only Parish in the UK to have a fire, police and ambulance service within its boundaries.


Broughton Park was first built as a family home in 1891 for James Clarke, his wife Elizabeth, and their 5 children. It was later sold to Eric and Kathleen Dickson who lived there for a further 50 years. The house was surrounded by beautiful gardens with roses, flowers, fruit and vegetables, a greenhouse with a peach tree and grape vine, a fruit store, and a tennis court. The grounds were famous for the fine collection of trees, including a rare cut leaf lime tree called Gloria that many visitors came to see; the trees created a protective screen around the house, most of which you can still find standing today. At the beginning of the Second World War Broughton Park was requisitioned by the Government and 100 WAAFs were quartered there. A memorial to those lost in both wars can be found just a few yards north of the hotel entrance. In 1978 the house was sold to the Bennets, local businessmen with a Fish Company, who set about converting the house into a small hotel with 12 bedrooms. The Broughton Park Hotel soon opened its doors to the public.


In 1981 the hotel had new owners, The Coupes, who owned a local foundry and they launched large scale developments. They opened two new blocks, each with 26 bedrooms. Drakes Leisure Club was also opened, and within 6 weeks there were 2,000 members. A further 39 bedrooms were added in 1984 on two floors situated in the South wing at a cost of £1.25m, and in the roof space a second conference suite called The Park was added, including various conference rooms. With the completion of this work, Broughton Park was awarded 4-star status, the first hotel in Preston to achieve this status. It had gone from being a 2-star 12 bedroom hotel to a 4-star 98 bed hotel, with a leisure club and restaurant.


Broughton Park was later purchased by Whitbread, becoming their first property in the North. The official ‘Becoming a Marriott’ hotel ceremony took place on 4th March 1996, and was opened by Sir Tom Finney, the celebrated Preston North End and England Footballer. Broughton Park became The Preston Marriott Hotel, The Courtyard Restaurant became the Broughton Park Restaurant, and a major refurbishment was undertaken with planning permission to build a £2.5m wing. Mr J.W. Marriott himself performed the official ground breaking ceremony on 11th June. The new south wing opened on 18th December 1998, and with its completion the Preston Marriott Hotel became the largest hotel in the Preston area. 18 years later the hotel continues to thrive, with its beautiful mature gardens and improvements to the Drive, Terrace and Gardens. We hope you will stay with us soon at the Preston Marriott hotel and discover even more of its beautiful setting, unique features and rich history.


Michelle T.

Preston Marriott Hotel

07-RoadyAwards (3).jpg

Congratulations to all of our finalists and winners of the 2014 Roady Awards, and thank you for all of your great contributions throughout 2014!

About the Roady Awards

Insiders like you make the community a dynamic and enjoyable resource for Marriott Rewards members and the Roady Awards are prestigious peer recognition of the very best. The Roady Awards are awarded to those Insiders that consistently contribute substantive or helpful insights throughout the last year. Thanks for all your contributions!

2014 Roady Award Winners

2014 Insider of the Year: bejacob

Most Creative Photo Album: ssindc

Most Helpful Travel Tip: vaboywnder

Best Local Advice: erc

Most Remarkable Blog: pluto77


View all the 2014 Roady Awards Nominees here: Vote for your peers in the 2014 Roady Awards

Vote for your peers in the 2014 Roady Awards


Ask the experts

Posted by communitymanager Dec 30, 2014

Orlando, FL. Chicago, IL. New Orleans, LA.

Hi Insiders,

Do you consider yourself an expert on one of these great cities? Is one of these cities a favorite travel destination of yours? I know many of you have shared your travel experiences, tips and tricks, restaurant recommendations and more in these cities here on Insiders.


Whether you live in one of these cities or you’re planning your umpteenth visit, we are looking for you! Marriott is looking for the Insider’s knowledge on what to do and see in these three featured cities – helpful tips you’d give your best friend.

We’re looking for Insiders to help create content for a special new project that will focus on New Orleans, Chicago and Orlando. If you fit the description above and are interested in learning more, send me a direct message and include which city you're an expert on. If selected, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with some bonus points!

Hey Insiders - we are still looking for a volunteer for New Orleans! Please message me if you're interested!


Leipzig, Germany is a city of culture, music, books, one of the world's oldest fairs, and beautiful historic passages. We invite you to visit us as we celebrate 1,000 years of history and to discover this vibrant and dynamic cosmopolitan city, hometown of Johann Sebastian Bach and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, the Gewandhaus Orchestra and the St. Thomas Boys Choir, and site of the Peaceful Revolution in 1989.


Leipzig is full of interesting history: Did you know that the first Christmas market took place in the year 1458? Or that the old Town Hall building has the longest inscription in Europe? Did you know that the University of Leipzig was founded in 1409 or that the Zoo Leipzig opened its doors in 1878 for the first time and has now the largest tropical hall in Europe? And don’t forget the year 1989, when the Peaceful Revolution with the Monday demonstrations experienced its peak. History is only a small part of what you can experience in Leipzig. There is much more to discover, and many of the sights of Leipzig are right at your doorstep, just within walking distance of the Leipzig Marriott Hotel. To celebrate the 1,000 year jubilee, here are highlights of several events throughout the year:


January 8, 2015:1,000 years Leipzig, a City Walk

May 17–24, 2015: First festival celebrating 850 years, Saint Nicholas city and parish church

May 20 - Oct 25, 2015: Exhibition 1015 – Leipzig from its beginning

May 31 - June 7, 2015: Festival “1,000 Years Leipzig”

June 27 – July 5, 2015: Festival “850 Years Leipzig Fairs”

August 7-16, 2015: Classic Open 2015

October 9, 2015: Festival of Lights

December 20, 2015: Official closing event (the date marking the first documented mention of Leipzig)


We hope you will come to discover our city and join in our celebration of 1,000 years!


Arlette K.

Leipzig Marriott Hotel

Hi Insiders,

Thank you for all you have contributed this past year and for making Insiders a success. You may have noticed a shiny new homepage when you logged in this morning. Your ideas and input paved the way for the new design. Please let me know any feedback you have on the new homepage!

Special shoutout to profchiara, pluto77, kharada46 and fschumpert whose images and blogs are currently being featured on the new homepage.

Safe travels and Happy Holidays!

ENTRY.jpgENTRY 2.jpg

Have you ever taken a trip right into the future? We might take you on one! Last year the Munich Marriott Hotel opened its brand new meeting area after renovating for three months. 13 meeting rooms are now designed in a light and refreshing interior – with every room offering daylight. The Munich Marriott Hotel’s meeting space renovations not only offer an improved product to our customers, but also represent an entirely new meeting concept -- the future of meetings. Munich and Amsterdam are proud flagships for the Marriott brand with implementing this concept into our daily business. Now there is individual and flexible space to work, with sockets built into the desks and writeable walls for collecting ideas. Flexible seating areas invite you to chat and network, while the bright atmosphere energizes.


Another innovation for our guests is the red coat direct app – organizers no longer have to leave the meeting room to change their plans for coffee breaks or similar scheduling adjustments. The link to the app is sent three days before arrival to the organizer, allowing them to simply send messages via smartphone or tablet from the meeting room to the staff or the red coat. They no longer have to leave their group to look for staff assistance, greatly improving the meeting process.


Seven meeting purposes (celebrate / decide / educate / ideate / network / produce / promote) now support the planning of each event. With those purposes meeting set ups or food options can be specialized, contributing to meeting and event success. We hope you will experience the future of meetings concept at the Munich Marriott Hotel. For making the experience yourself, visit future-of-meetings.com.


Christine G.

Munich Marriott Hotel

Hey Insiders,


Say hello to your new Featured Insider: jakeal!


Joined Insiders on May 29, 2010




Status: Platinum

About Me: Originally from Philadelphia, PA; work in Education as a university administrator; and currently live in central PA. I am a huge foodie, enjoy trying out local places, and try to avoid chain restaurants. I also umpire baseball in my free time.

Bucket List Destinations: Ireland, South Africa, Australia

Fun Travel Fact: I always collect a Christmas tree ornament when I visit a new place.

MHR_HKGAP_12_Night Scene 1.JPG

Hey Insiders,

I know that many of you have been eager to hear the status on the RewardsPlus experience into the next year. I’m happy to announce that Marriott Rewards and United MileagePlus® will offer another year of unmatched recognition and benefits in 2015!

Once registered for RewardsPlus, qualified Marriott Rewards Platinum Elite members are eligible to receive complimentary Premier® Silver status. MileagePlus members who have Premier Gold status or higher are eligible for Marriott Rewards Gold Elite status and all of the benefits that come with it. 2015 status offerings will be effective through January 2016.

All Marriott Rewards and United MileagePlus members will continue to receive a 20% discount on points-to-miles conversions and 10% more miles for Marriott Rewards travel packages. MileagePlus Premier members will also be able to convert their miles into Marriott Rewards points.

If you’ve already registered for RewardsPlus in 2014 and qualify for 2015 Marriott Rewards Platinum Elite or MileagePlus Premier Gold status or higher, we will automatically renew your registration so you can enjoy RewardsPlus benefits in 2015.

We’re happy to offer you this exclusive program to help you enhance your travel while maximizing rewards! For more information, visit marriottrewards.com/rewardsplus.


Picture This

Posted by communitymanager Dec 16, 2014


Hey Insiders,

I know what you’re thinking…you’re thinking, “How do I pass the time until tomorrow when I can see my MegaBonus?” Well, I’ve got an answer for you! Marriott Rewards invites you to “Picture This”: Create your own Dream Scene – add fun designs to your own photos with our web app; a mini-vacation, no download needed!


Check it out here: Picture This

Share your Dream Scene here on Insiders with the hashtag #LoveMarriottRewards. We could create the next trending topic: Insiders with Outrageous Dream Scenes!


Hey Insiders,

The countdown is on for registration to open for Marriott Rewards Spring MegaBonus! This is your chance to rev up your earnings. Here are the details:

From February 1, 2015 through April 30, 2015, all Marriott Rewards members registered for the promotion will earn an exclusive MegaBonus offer for qualifying stays made at over 3,800 participating properties around the world.

Registration opens on December 17th, when you will be able to visit your Promotion Central page to receive your unique offer. All offers will be available by 5:00pm EST on the 17th. All qualifying stays can be paid using any payment method/credit card of your choice (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.)

Registration is required by March 31, 2015


Earning Dates: February 1, 2015 – April 30, 2015

Participating Brands:

EDITION,® JW Marriott,® Autograph Collection® Hotels, Renaissance® Hotels, Marriott Hotels,® Marriott Vacation Club, Gaylord Hotels,® AC Hotels by Marriott,® Courtyard by Marriott,® Residence Inn by Marriott,® SpringHill Suites by Marriott,® Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott,® TownePlace Suites by Marriott®, Moxy Hotels® and select Protea Hotels®.  Stays at our exclusive luxury hotel partner, The Ritz-Carlton,® will count toward achievement.

Questions? You will also find FAQs and official terms & conditions when the registration period officially begins December 17th at MarriottRewards.com/MegaBonus. Please call 888-MARRIOTT (888-627-7468), or call your local Marriott Rewards Customer Support office for complete details.


Hey Insiders,

Looking for a simple, practical way to help others this holiday season? Donate points to a cause you feel passionate about and you’ll make the season brighter — for others and for you. 

We invite you to join us in supporting one or more of the organizations that Marriott supports through cash contributions, donations of essentials such as food and clothing, and employee volunteering. I’ve blogged about several of these causes in the last few weeks and here’s another chance to help make a difference:

Youth Career Initiative (YCI)  Created by the hotel industry, YCI is a training program using hotels as a unique learning platform. During each six month training program, hotel managers provide life and career skills training to young people considered vulnerable. Marriott International has championed, funded and run this global program for nearly 20 years.

Donate Points »

The National Academy Foundation helps students with limited opportunities prepare for college and careers. For more than 30 years, NAF has refined a proven model blending industry-focused curricula, work-based learning experiences and business expertise.

Donate Points »

Habitat for Humanity Through volunteer labor and donations of money and materials, Habitat builds and rehabilitates simple, decent houses. Since 1976, Habitat has helped more than 4 million people construct, rehabilitate or preserve more than 800,000 homes.

Donate Points »

The American Red Cross is one of the nation’s premier emergency preparedness and response organizations, providing help and comfort to people facing devastating crises. Through a network of chapters across the country, the Red Cross provides relief to victims of disasters big and small and helps people prepare for and respond to emergencies.

Donate Points »

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is the world's most far-reaching humanitarian organization, with a network of 17 million volunteers in 189 countries. The IFRC’s diverse expertise and longstanding community presence allows them to provide services from battling epidemics in Haiti to assisting war refugees in the Ukraine.

Donate Points »

The Children’s Miracle Network raises funds for 170 children’s hospitals across North America, which, in turn, use the money where it’s needed the most. Funding supports research and training, purchasing equipment, and paying for uncompensated care, all in support their mission to save and improve the lives of as many children as possible.

Donate Points »


Fisher House Foundation’s Hotels for Heroes brings comfort to the wounded, injured and ailing U.S. military servicemen and women undergoing medical treatment away from home. Through Hotels for Heroes, your donated points go directly to provide free hotel rooms for military service members in need as well as for family members visiting them.

Donate Points »

Or, donate to charity of your choice by searching our database of more than 1 million organizations.

Find a cause »

Calling all Insiders! Voting for the 2014 Roady Awards is now OPEN!

Help us congratulate your fellow Insiders and celebrate all of the fantastic contributions throughout the year that make the Insiders community such a valuable experience for Rewards members!


Your votes for each of the Roady Award categories will determine who wins 200,000 Marriott Rewards points


NOTE: Right click on each "VOTE" link and select "open in a new window" to make it easy to get back to this page.

VOTE: Most Creative Photo Album

Award Finalists:

VOTE: Most Helpful Travel Tip

Award Finalists:

VOTE: Best Local Advice

Award Finalists:

VOTE: Most Remarkable Blog Post

Award Finalists:

Congratulations to each of our finalists and stay tuned for the winners and Insider of the Year Award. We thank everyone for participating this year and we look forward to many great new adventures in 2015.

Please note: to make things a bit more competitive this year, we opted for 5 nominees per category. Voting is also taking place off of Insiders so it will be a secret who wins in each category. Good luck to all the nominees!

Learn more about the Roady Awards

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