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ENTRY main.jpgFrom the moment the ambassadors of the silent film industry first discovered the destination and succumbed to its charm, it was inevitable that the "Côte d’Azur - Film" love story would last forever. From 1946, Cannes became a prestigious showcase for international cinema. The creative work happens in Nice, the watching and discussion in Cannes. The Côte d’Azur has the full package. It has been wonderfully conducive to the mutually beneficial rise of film. Its idyllic setting, mild winters and sheer number of days of sunshine, beauty of the Mediterranean, sublime villas and hotels up on its headlands, remarkable landscapes and light all proved to be alluringly “seductive” selling points attracting the leading lights of the film industry. The Côte d’Azur as a film location is worthy of its reputation as the French Hollywood or “Californie”. The Côte d’Azur has seen generations of film directors and actors come and go. Over time, Nice has acquired remarkable film-making expertise. Cannes, too, will always be top of the bill thanks to its famous Festival. The love story continues to this day… In the past 12 years alone a total of 121 feature length films, 195 TV series episodes and 1784 commercials have been shot on the Côte d’Azur. The Côte d’Azur extends a warm welcome to visitors to share its passion for all things film, visit its wealth of stunning landscapes used as classic film locations. See it through the eyes of the great film directors and actors -- and fall in love with it, like so many before…


Film would revolutionize the world. However, it could not have developed without cinemas and studios. The Côte d’Azur quickly met the needs of an emerging industry, exporting its images around the world and providing a beautiful film location where it was a joy to work. Key historical milestones mark the early days of film on the Côte d’Azur… following is a history of the first studios:


  • 1897 (or 1898): the Frères Lumière film the Nice Carnival. Early on, directors fleeing the grey skies of Paris came to the Côte d’Azur in search of the light that would enable them to film throughout the winter.
  • 1908: Pathé builds a film studio in Nice - Route de Turin. Pathé becomes the first production company to open for business on the Côte d’Azur. Its shoots mainly animal films (Alfred Machin). It closes in 1930.
  • 1913: Gaumont opens its studios in the Carras district, Nice. Louis Feuillade, Studio Director, films ten films there. The studios are unable to survive the advent of sound.
  • 1919: Louis Nalpas buys Villa Liserb in the Cimiez district of Nice – at the foot of the Régina – to shoot his feature length film: La Sultane de l’amour/The Sultan of Love. The film’s success encourages him to transform Nice into the European “Hollywood”. He goes into business with Serge Sandberg, buying property at La Victorine (7.02 Francs per m2). He builds his studios under the architectural direction of Edouard Niermans who built the Négresco Hotel in Nice.
  • From the 1920s onwards, the greatest silent and sound film directors shoot on the Côte d’Azur, choosing Nice as their inspirational creative base or film set. The Côte d’Azur, holiday destination of the British and Russian aristocracy, is now a haven for professionals of the 7th art.
  • 1921: the Iris studios at Saint-Laurent-du-Var, which opened during the silent film era, take off with the advent of sound. The turning point is in 1929 when investments are made in sound film production. The studios close their doors in 1943 and are destroyed in bombing raids in 1944.
  • From the 1920s to date: over 350 films have been shot by the greatest studios Gaumont - Pathé - UGC - Associated Artists.


Cecile L.

JW Marriott Cannes

ENTRY 2.jpg

ENTRY_Tableau Lido - Dragone.jpg

Since 1946, the Lido de Paris has entertained with its exciting shows. With a marvelous location on the Champs Elysees, from its past to its present, it has delighted and surprised with its unique vision. Inspired by the magic of Paris, the new show keeps the core of the Lido revues and adds the daring of new designers—dazzling Bluebell Girls and amazing stage design. With a series of breathtaking sets, sumptuous costumes and a deluge of strass, feathers and sequins, enchanting colors, spectators leave on an awe-inspiring voyage with a sparkle in their eyes like never before.


L... as in Luminous, I... as in Innovative, D... as in Delicious, O... as in Oh what magic! After 4 months of renovation, the Lido will be back with its 27th revue starting in April 2015. Located on one of the world’s most beautiful avenues, the prestigious institution is determined to amaze and surprise once more. Its ambition is to make its new revue the Parisian jewel in the crown of live shows. It is promising a magnificent reopening show, orchestrated by the visionary stage director Franco Dragone, who is renowned for his productions such as « The House of Dancing Water » in Macao and « A New Day », Céline Dion's performances in Las Vegas and more. The Lido has gathered a star-studded team to produce its next revue: 400 candidates were auditioned by choreographer Benoit-Swan Pouffer, Jean Rabasse is taking care of stage design, Nicolas Vaudelet is preparing the costumes, Yvan Cassar is composing the music and Saule is composing the lyrics.


The principle of the revue does not exist anywhere else in the world other than Paris. Franco Dragone wanted “to provide new creative energy” to pay homage to the Lido and to mark its history. An entire city is transformed before your eyes, blurring the boundaries of space and time. It is a fantastical journey where we follow the story of a young woman through her career until she rises to become the Lido’s leading dancer. Dare to take a new look at Art Nouveau, stop over at the foot of our famous Iron Lady, admire the fashion shows, and much more. Chef Philippe Lacroix and his team are busy in the kitchen developing a new menu based on high-quality products - food is prepared on site at the Lido.


Nothing is left to chance in one of the most anticipated shows in the history of the Lido. The boldness, poetry and power of the staging will combine to create an unforgettable experience. So in conclusion, save the date and head to the Champs Elysees from 2 April 2015!


Candie C.

Paris Marriott Champs-Elysees Hotel


Hey Insiders,


MARRIOTT TRAVELER is now live! MARRIOTT TRAVELER is a new website featuring articles written by local and global travel enthusiasts at the forefront of culture in cities around the world. TRAVELER will feature new articles daily, in categories such as Family, Food & Drink or TravelCraft, so you can experience cities like a true local.


As I mentioned before, first up from TRAVELER is New Orleans – check it out here: MARRIOTT TRAVELER | New Orleans.


Featured TRAVELER content

Going Rogue: Exploring Underground New Orleans


New Orleans is known for three things: its nightlife, music and food. Plenty of the city’s infamous “institutions” function as tourist magnets, but if you want to party like a local, check out these gems!

Your feedback is important to us

Your feedback means the world to us, so please click around the site, read a few of the articles and let us know your thoughts. Is this something you would use if you were planning a trip to New Orleans? What other cities would you like to see on TRAVELER?

Hey Insiders,

We’re about halfway through the earning period for MegaBonus, so tell us – did you have a MegaMoment?


What’s a MegaMoment? It’s the story about how you earned (or are planning to earn) your MegaBonus. Did you take or are you planning a special trip? Where did you go? Are you traveling for business? Or, are you using your MegaBonus to save up for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation? We love new travel stories, so tell us, please!

There’s still time to register. Haven’t registered for MegaBonus yet? Enroll by March 31 and earn towards your MegaBonus until April 30, 2015. Learn more about our spring MegaBonus…and keep those MegaMoments happening!

ENTRY_Mauna Kea Beach Hotel Art Collection Drum_My Precia.jpgIn 1965, developer and passionate conservationist Laurance S. Rockefeller envisioned his resort, Mauna Kea Resort on Hawaii Island, as “a private estate offering a cross-cultural resort experience.” He quickly set about acquiring art objects from Asia and the Pacific to meet his goal. So well did his vision come to life that parts of Mauna Kea Beach Hotel herself were designed to enhance the works of art. Every hallway, every corner, is graced with something special and often surprising. In all, this priceless collection numbers 1,600 museum-quality pieces.


The most artistically treasured piece (though not the most valuable) in the collection is a pink granite Buddha, sculpted in seventh-century India. This five-foot, three-inch figure, imposing yet serene beneath a large Bodhi (enlightenment) Tree, is positioned with his heart above the level of a man’s eye in accordance with Buddhist tradition. Nearly as prized is a 700-year-old sculpture of the head of Buddha which was unearthed by workmen building a dam in northern Thailand. It can be found on display in the hotel’s Beachfront Wing. Two mythic bronze guardian dogs from a Thai temple stand watch at the promenade entrance to the hotel’s Beachfront Wing. Other rare pieces include an elongated ancestral figure from a New Guinea ceremonial house; a fearsome-looking Garuda (half-man and half-bird) that once guarded a Siamese temple and Hawaii’s largest standing collection of handmade Hawaiian quilts commissioned specifically by Mr. Rockefeller for placement in the hotel.


Guests and visitors are free to view the works of art individually or join a complimentary guided art tour available Saturday mornings beginning at 10:00am, free of charge. Tours are led by Ms. Patti Cook, who brings the collection to life with her stories of the art, architecture and Island history. For in-house guests, an elegant, in-depth coffee table book, The Art of Mauna Kea, by art historian Dr. Don Aanavi, is provided in each guestroom for reference. Please come visit us and discover our hotel, the Art Gallery.


Vicky K.

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

Hey Insiders,


Meet MARRIOTT TRAVELER – a new website featuring articles written by local and global travel enthusiasts at the forefront of culture in cities around the world. From snake readings in New Orleans to food truck crawls in Chicago, MARRIOTT TRAVELER brings you the unexpected stories you'll want to share and experience.


MARRIOTT TRAVELER launches March 12th with New Orleans. You’ll get content you can't find anywhere else like “Behind The Beignet,” a video hosted by MARRIOTT TRAVELER Sonia Gil, an infographic about the best places to run in the city and even an interview with one of our own Insiders, razorbackfan!


I'll post back here once the website is live and, as always, we would love your feedback!

Hey Insiders,


JW Marriott’s first short film, Two Bellmen, has arrived! Two Bellmen is an action-packed story about two competitive bellmen who work together to thwart TwoBellmen.jpgan attempted art heist when their hotel, the JW Marriott LA LIVE, comes under siege by notorious art thieves.


The full 15-minute comedic short premiered on YouTube today. Watch the trailer below and visit the Two Bellmen website to view the full film.


Who has stayed at the JW Marriott LA LIVE? Those familiar with the hotel will recognize it throughout the film – it plays a starring role!





Catch a breathtaking glimpse inside the human body - don´t miss the spectacular exhibition "Body Worlds & the Story of the Heart" during your visit to Linz this year. The primary goal of Body Worlds is health education. The exhibit compares healthy to unhealthy organs to emphasize the importance of a healthy life-style. Life-like posed whole-body plastinates show where organs are located in the body and also illustrate that we are naturally fragile beings in a mechanized world. This amazing exhibit helps visitors to once again become aware of the naturalness of their bodies and to recognize their individuality and anatomical beauty. Every human being is unique, revealing its individuality both through the visible exterior and also through the interior, as each body is distinctly different from any other. Position, size, shape, and structure of skeleton, muscles, nerves, and organs determine our "interior face." It would be impossible to convey this anatomical individuality with models, for a model is nothing more than an interpretation. All models look alike and are, essentially, simplified versions of the real thing. The authenticity of the specimens, however, is fascinating and enables the observer to experience the marvel of the real human body.


Over 40 million visitors in more than 90 cities in four continents have seen the world’s most successful traveling exhibition. From February 20 to May 27, 2015 this exhibition can be seen for the first time in Linz. The Courtyard by Marriott Linz hotel is in walking distance (only 1.5 km away) from the Linzer Tabakfabrik. This old factory is the ideal setting for this exhibition. Get to know the innovative, contemporary city on the Danube where culture, architecture, nature and science coexist as a satisfying whole. Stroll through the marvelous old quarter of the town, or go directly from the Tabakfabrik to the Danube River (a 2-minute walk) with the spectacular Lentos Museum and Restaurant. Here is the best location to enjoy a coffee while overlooking the River! This is the perfect occasion for an exciting getaway to the former European capital of culture. Enjoy a lovely weekend at the only four star superior hotel in Linz.


Petra G.

Courtyard by Marriott Linz


Hey Insiders,

Marriott Hotels is elevating the guest experience by enabling guests to share their adventures using the newest GoPro HERO4.


The program, currently available at 17 properties across the Caribbean and Latin America, allows guests to take a complimentary test drive of a GoPro HERO4. Guests are encouraged to submit their photo and video content on social media using the hashtags #TravelBrilliantly and #ViajeGenial for the chance to be featured on the Marriott Hotels Go Pro website. The submitted content will also be carefully selected for sharing across Marriott International’s social media channels and the in-room entertainment channel at our participating hotels. To celebrate the launch of the program, guests’ content will also be selected from social media channels by Marriott Hotels to win prizes such as vacation stays, Marriott Rewards points and GoPro cameras.


Do we have any GoPro fans out there? Is anyone considering buying a GoPro? Maybe the better question is…does anyone have an upcoming stay at any of the below Caribbean and Latin America properties?



Curacao Marriott Beach Resort & Emerald CasinoCuracao
Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris CasinoAruba
Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star Marriott Beach ResortVirgin Islands (US)
Grand Cayman Marriott Beach ResortGrand Cayman
JW Marriott Cancun Resort & SpaMexico
CasaMagna Marriott Cancun ResortMexico
CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & SpaMexico
St. Kitts Marriott Resort & The Royal Beach CasinoSt. Kitts
San Juan Marriott ResortPuerto Rico
JW Marriott Panama Golf & Beach ResortPanama
Costa Rica Marriott Hotel San JoseCosta Rica
Los Suenos Marriott Ocean & Golf ResortCosta Rica
JW Marriott Guanacaste ResortCosta Rica
JW Marriott Hotel Rio De JaneiroBrazil
JW Marriott Hotel LimaPeru
JW Marriott El Convento CuscoPeru
JW Marriott Hotel QuitoEcuador

Insider tips for a day in Paris, City of Lights…


From the Marriott hotel, take the subway at Glacière and go to Bastille. Walk to “Place des Vosges” and take a breakfast at Carette. Next go and visit the “Victor Hugo Museum” where the famous writer lived for 16 years. Have a look at the Art Galleries close by. Discover “Le Marais” district and its small streets, and admire the Picasso Museum which was recently renovated. Enjoy some trendy shopping on Rue Vieille du Temple and Rue des Francs Bourgeois. For lunch, try a pastrami sandwich at “Florence Kahn” on rue des Rosiers, in front of “As du Falafel”. Take a walk along the Seine River, and when you reach Ile Saint Louis have an ice cream at Berthillon. From there, go to Notre Dame Cathedral, a gothic masterpiece. Facing the monument, go on the left side and climb all the steps to admire the magnificent view. Later at night, enjoy a traditional French dinner at “La Poule au Pot” with its typical Parisian atmosphere; don’t miss the shirred eggs with foie gras.


Close to the Marriott hotel, we also recommend you visit the Catacombes; it is of former quarries which were chosen to deposit bones. The Catacombes is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm, with the last entrance at 7pm. Price: 10 Euros. Interested in contemporary art? You can go to Cartier Foundation, a building designed by the famous architect Jean Nouvel and located just a 15-minute walk away from the hotel. From March 13 to June 21, 2015, the Foundation presents a major solo exhibition of American artist Bruce Nauman’s artwork, the first in France in over 15 years. This exhibition reflects his continued interest in linking his works to their environment and intensifying the audience’s physical and emotional experience of his pieces. The Foundation is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 8pm (until 10pm on Tuesday). Price: 10.50 Euros.


Carl-Philipp K.

Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center

Hi Insiders,


I want to make you aware of a program policy announced today:


Starting February 1, 2016, members who do not have a qualifying activity in the prior 24 months will forfeit all accumulated points. If you have not engaged in a qualifying activity since January 31, 2014 you have until January 31, 2016 to do so before the policy is enforced.


We make it pretty easy to maintain active status in the Marriott Rewards program. Qualifying activities include:


  • Make a paid (or redemption) stay at any of our 3,800+ participating hotels worldwide
  • Redeem points 
  • Make a purchase through a Marriott Rewards credit card
  • Earn points with one of our program partners
  • Purchase points
  • Hold a qualifying meeting or event through the Rewarding Events℠ program


The following activities do not count toward maintaining an active status in the Marriott Rewards program:


  • Gifting or transferring points; however, converting Points to Miles or Miles to Points does count toward maintaining an active status
  • Receiving points as a gift or transfer
  • Earning points through social media programs, such as #MRPoints


Questions? View the FAQs


For full details and updated terms, please visit MarriottRewards.com/PointsPolicy.

As anticipated, we have a sneak peek of our annual update to hotels’ categories for 2015, so you have an opportunity to take advantage of the 2014 hotel categories before they change on March 19, 2015. Book now for the best value.


New hotel categories are effective beginning March 19, 2015. In the meantime, we have compiled a full list of changes to hotel categories.  The Marriott Rewards categories remain 1 to 9 and the points values required for each category are not changing.


Please note:

  • All redemption reservations booked on or before March 18, 2015 will be honored at the current point price, even if the stay occurs after March 18, 2015. If you have not ordered your certificate prior to March 18, 2015, call Guest Services prior to your stay to request the lower priced certificate.
  • As always, you may book redemption reservations up to 50 weeks in advance of your stay, even before having the required points in your account.
  • You can also use Cash + Points


Safe travels!

Nathalie & the Marriott Rewards team



Here are a few FAQs



What is a hotel category/tier?

Hotel categories determine the number of Marriott Rewards points necessary to redeem for a free night. For instance, a Category 1 hotel requires 7,500 points per redemption night while a Category 4 hotel requires 20,000 points per redemption night. Hotel categories should not be confused with any form of star-rating, level of service or quality.


Hotel Categories: Award Chart




Points Required Per Night


4 Nights;

Your 5th Night is FREE!

Category 1


Category 2


Category 3


Category 4


Category 5


Category 6


Category 7


Category 8


Category 9



Hotel Tiers: Award Chart




Points Required Per Night


4 Nights;

Your 5th Night is FREE!

Tier 1


Tier 2


Tier 3


Tier 4


Tier 5



How many hotels are affected?

64% of the properties remain unchanged
64% of the programs properties will remain in Categories 1-4

36% of the hotels are changing; of these 25% are decreasing by one category and 75% are increasing by one category


Is my existing redemption reservation impacted?

All redemption reservations booked on or before March 18, 2015 for stays beginning March 19, 2015, will be honored at the point price booked. If you have not ordered your certificate prior to March 19, 2015, call Guest Services to request the lower priced certificate before your stay.


How long can I book a redemption stay using the current hotel categories?

You may book redemption reservations up to 50 weeks in advance of your stay, even before having the required points in your account. For example, on March 1, 2015 you may book your redemption stay as far out as February 15, 2016.


You can also use Cash + Points to book your redemption stay.

Hey Insiders,


Say hello to your new Featured Insider: 7!


Joined Insiders on February 25, 2013



Insider 7 and his family


Status: Platinum


About Me: I'm originally from TN and for about 35 years lived within about a 50 mile radius. Then I joined the Foreign Service so I now live overseas and move to a new country every few years. I'm about to move to my 3rd country to live long term and have gotten to visit about 12 different countries (not counting the US in either case.)


Main Interests: Traveling, food, computers, and investing and personal finance so I can afford to pay for the others.


New team member

Posted by communitymanager Feb 23, 2015

Good morning Insiders,

We have a new team member joining our moderation team! I'm excited to introduce CariJ. You'll start to see Cari's name pop up in the community as she begins moderating this week and will be someone you can go to for help. The rest of the team, melissaerb joshm KatieC lindseyh and myself are all still here to take your questions as well.

Have a great week Insiders!


Here at Renaissance Heathrow our Bar Eleven is named after the 11 tube lines of the London Underground. Let me take you on a journey through the London underground… to discover what you can see, shop, savor and sip:


  • Piccadilly Line (Stop at Covent Garden Station): this area was formally a fruit and vegetable market. Here you can shop, attend musical theatres and shows or even walk around Seven Dials, Covent’s only village -- a place to eat, drink and shop.
  • Central Line (Stop at St Paul’s Station): explore the historic building of St Paul’s Cathedral or shop around at the new shopping center.
  • Metropolitan Line (Stop at Baker Street Station): be a detective for a day like Sherlock Holmes and visit the official home of where he and Dr. Watson lived at number 221b Baker Street, between 1881-1904. Visit Madame Tussaud’s while you are there.
  • Hammersmith & City Line (Stop at Paddington Station): a central London railway terminus and underground station complex. The famous bear “Paddington” was named after this station. You can explore on Platform 1 a statue of Paddington Bear.
  • Circle Line (Stop at Tower Hill Station): walk to the famous Tower of London /Jewel House and discover a 1,000 years of history including the Crown Jewels, part of the Royal collection.
  • Bakerloo Line (Stop at Warwick Avenue Station): visit Little Venice – a tranquil canal area home to waterside cafes and pubs.
  • District Line (Stop at Notting Hill Gate Station): take a short walk to Portebello Road where the movie “Notting Hill” was filmed. On a Saturday visit the famous Portebello Road Market.
  • Jubilee Line (Stop at Stratford Station): visit the Olympic Park where the London 2012 Olympic Games were held. Explore the park and orbit tower and walk around Westfield ~ shop, see, sip and savor.
  • Northern Line (Stop at Camden Town Station): take a walk to Camden, well known for its markets. Poet Dylan Thomas owned a house at 54 Delancey Street from 1951 until his death in 1953. There is a plaque on the house today.
  • Victoria Line (Stop at Victoria Station): visit Westminster Cathedral. It is the mother church for the Catholic churches in England & Wales, built in the 19th century. In the evening watch a musical at the Victoria Apollo Theatre.
  • Waterloo & City Line (Bank to Waterloo) Stop at Waterloo Station: this area took it’s named after the Battle of Waterloo from the war in 1815. Also, Abba sang the song “Waterloo” for the Eurovision Song contest in April 1974. This stop is walking distance to County Hall, adjacent to Coca Cola London Eye, Sealife Aquarium and London Dungeon attractions.


We hope you will stay with us at the Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel and discover London through this world of underground tube lines. Our hotel is currently undergoing a £20 million refurbishment - we have a brand new lobby, bedrooms & suites, public spaces, and the hotel concept of “London” as its theme.


Marilou N.

Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel

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