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Hello Elite Insiders,

Thanks for all your posts about our last topic, Elite Rollover Nights – and congrats again to our winner, hydroventures (you can see his comment below).

We’re excited about all your new advantages now that we’ve joined with Starwood Hotels & Resorts®. If you haven’t linked your account for your Starwood Preferred Guest® (SPG) status match, you’re invited to unlock a world of opportunities now.

Speaking about new benefits, we’d love your ideas for redemption rewards as we move on to the next topic in our Live Elite series. We want you to have a chance to give your opinion – and a chance to win.

Our new topic is Elite Night Credit on Redemption Stays, a popular benefit – and we’d like to know your ideas for other extras to enjoy on redemption stays. Simply share a comment or photo below and you’ll be entered in our next drawing for 20,000 Rewards points.

What It Is:

Elite Night Credit on Redemption Stays is a benefit all Rewards members receive when they use their points for free nights. It’s our “thank you” for choosing Marriott Rewards, and a way to make each member’s redemption experience even more rewarding.

How it Works:

Simply redeem your points for a stay of any length, one night or more. You’ll automatically receive an Elite night credit for each night of your stay – just as you do for paid stays.


  • Every redemption stay you make counts toward your Elite status, whether you pay with points or a mixture of Cash + Points. Redeem for 1 night and you’ll receive 1 Elite night credit; redeem for 5 nights and receive 5 Elite credits. Here’s a reminder of how many credits you need to achieve each Elite level:

                Silver – 10 Elite nights

                Gold – 50 nights

                Platinum – 75 nights

  • To see how many Elite nights you have now, sign into your online account.
  • You’ll receive Elite redemption night credits when you use points for stays at any of the 4,400+ hotels that participate in Marriott Rewards. (Although Marriott and Starwood are now together, SPG remains a separate program for now. For more details, see our merger FAQs)
  • And here’s a plus: At our full-service brands – JW Marriott®, Renaissance® Hotels, Marriott® Hotels, Delta Hotels® and the Autograph Collection® – you will also earn points or miles on any incidental charges. (Please note that qualifying charges vary by hotel.)
  • With your SPG status match, you can transfer points between accounts for your next redemption stay.




Congratulations to @hydroventures, Platinum member and winner of 20,000 points! Here’s a quote from his post about Elite rollover nights:
“I was just thinking to myself this week....  Why not show some love to another hotel chain?  What's in it for me after renewing my Platinum?  Rollover Nights answers that question!!!!!  Thank you Marriott Rewards!! That's why I only have love for you!”

Two chances to win

  1. Today through November 21, comment on this post and you could win 20,000 points. We’d especially enjoy seeing your photos, but posting a sentence or two will also qualify for a chance to win. Some ideas:
    • Have you renewed your status, or achieved a higher status, because of Elite credits earned on stays you’ve paid with points? Tell us your experience.
    • What extra perk would make your redemption stay even more memorable? We’d love to hear your ideas.
    • Share your story about a great redemption stay. See examples members have shared about experiences in cities like Paris, Barcelona and Miami.

The names of all those who commented will be entered in a drawing for a prize of 20,000 Rewards points. The winner will be announced November 22, 2016.

    2. In our next Live Elite post, we’ll feature a few member comments and photos. If your post is chosen, you’ll get 1,000 points as a thank-you.

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Share your Insider travel adventures to Crete by commenting on this post and you could earn points.


Domes of Elounda, Autograph Collection on the Greek island of Crete invites you to experience its stunning new ‘Haute Living Selection’. The resort has set about redefining the key components of the luxury hotel experience with the launch of this amazing combination of a remarkable location with exclusive luxury, privacy and service, creating an unforgettable experience.  This year, the new Domes Luxury Residences, along with the stunning Domes Ultraluxe Villas, come with the ‘Haute Living Selection’, essentially creating an exclusive haute-luxury villa boutique experience within the resort of Domes of Elounda, Autograph Collection. Ranging from 200 to more than 400m² and featuring a unique ‘nest-in’ design, the Ultraluxe Villas and Luxury Residences have unrivalled levels of privacy, while still benefitting from all the services and amenities of a luxury hotel and the additional tailor-made inclusions of the ‘Haute Living Selection’.


Set on the jaw-dropping Cretan coastline, Domes of Elounda is truly magical – here you can enjoy spectacular dining, impeccable service and an excellent spa matched only by the stunning views over the Bay of Elounda and the enchanting island of Spinalonga. Guests of ‘Haute Living Selection’ have the option to approach the resort by helicopter or private limo service and to avoid queues, for an intimate check-in experience away from the rest of the hotel complex to ensure maximum privacy. Once settled, guests can take advantage of the wealth of services provided by the ‘Haute Living Selection’s own dedicated management and service team: a private concierge is available at any time via mobile phones that are provided to tend to every last detail. For those that favor the ‘Workation’, Domes of Elounda can also provide a VIP business package which includes a personal assistant and dedicated Wi-Fi service.

ENTRY 2_Veranda 2.jpg

Private heated pools, upgraded  bathroom amenities, dedicated villa management team, daily apperitivo time, welcome open bar, any many other inclusions all fuse to create blissful beauty and privacy; a secluded escape with all the benefits and facilities of a true luxury resort. So if you’re looking for the most tailor-made luxury holiday yet, we invite you to experience the brand new ‘Haute Living Selection’ of Domes of Elounda, Autograph Collection.


Vasilis R.

Domes of Elounda, Autograph Collection

MRI Moments.png

If you like sports, you’ll love this new addition to our experiences collection – this Monday only, October 24, available exclusively with points.


Picture yourself with an up-close and personal view of your favorite team in action. You’ve got club-level tickets to see one of the season’s top games and a $100 Visa card to make sure you’re decked out in the latest team gear.


Catch the moment >

Say hello to your new Featured Insider: peymanagement


Insider since: October 25, 2015

Rewards Status: Platinum


I feel honoured to be chosen to be featured. To be in the company of such esteemed insiders as SeaTexan, bejacob, brightlybob, foxglove, nationwide, wesleywc and others is a humbling experience.


I think I am the second Canadian to get this Honour. (muppetwrangler was the first I think)

About me…..Well I grew up in small town Ontario, in Canada, we are actually further south than northern California, but it is still sometimes cold in winter but very hot on the summer. I spent my career keeping the lights on through nuclear energy. My second career was as a management consultant, hence my screen name.

Married for 36 years and have three grandchildren, and spend lots of time with them.

I have had the privilege of travel for my life through work and vacation. I am retired now, but have traveled to South America, Europe, Asia and of course all 10 provinces and one territory of Canada and forty-one States, Mexico as well as some of the islands.

I am fairly new to Insiders and to Marriott and I thank you for your welcome. I was loyal to another brand for many years (started with W) and they were very good to me but as I got older, I changed my needs to full service properties and Marriott fit the bill.


Favorite place in the world is Austria and Bavaria. My picture is in a Keller outside of Vienna. When we travel, I like to get away from the tourists and live like the locals. BTW, over there it is not in ounces…..!  nor in pints,,,,!  It is  just litres (quarts)…….Prost!!!


Safe  travels…..


We're certainly glad you joined Insiders, peymanagement! Thanks for your regular contributions to the community. Keep it up!

-The Community Managers


Insiders, you’re the first to hear:


Announcing an exclusive new cardmember benefit: you can now earn Marriott Rewards® points across the new Marriott portfolio of 5,700 properties and 110 countries.

Use your Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card at any hotel in the SPG program and you’ll now earn 5 points per $1 – just like you do at Marriott Rewards and Ritz-Carlton Rewards® hotels.

New hotels to earn Marriott Rewards points:



See all brands >>



Where are you planning to go? This fall, trade points for miles and accelerate your flight plans. Through November 14, you’ll receive a 20% bonus when you use points for American Airlines AAdvantage® miles.


New York to Paris, Chicago to London, L.A. to Beijing: Fly to top cities sooner – or use your miles to bring your tropical getaway closer. Not sure where you’re headed next? Get the miles now so you’re ready when it’s time to take off.


American Airlines AAdvantage® miles »

Insiders, be the first to comment on this post for you and a guest to win the below opportunity:

NFL Network Tour & Watch a Live Production of Total Access on Game Day

Location: Culver City, CA

Date: Sunday, October 16, 2016

Number of tickets: Two (2)


Marriott Rewards and the NFL have partnered to bring you behind the scenes access to all things Football. Tour the NFL Network (NFLN) and feel the excitement as you watch a live production of a show.

Submit your comment by 11:59pm EST tonight to qualify for this Friday giveaway.


Note: Giveaway is good for Sunday, October 16, 2016 only. First come, first served. Flight and transportation not included.


Share your Insider stories and tips about travel to Bahrain by commenting on this post and you could earn points.


Travel to the stunning islands of Bahrain on the Arabian Gulf will leave you with lasting memories, such as:


…The Pearl of Arabia: Bahrain is the site of the ancient Dilmun civilization. It has been famed since antiquity for its pearl fisheries, which were considered the best in the world into the 19th century. Pearling in Bahrain has occurred since 2000 BC. The golden age of pearling is said to have been from the 1850’s to the 1930’s, at a time when pearls were more precious than diamonds and attracted jewelers like Jacques Cartier to the country.


… A group of islands on the Arabian Gulf: Experience all 33 islands and enjoy a landscape of paradise surrounded by stunning waterscape. Bask in the sun on the biggest island which has an area of 591 square kilometers, or relax in a secluded cabana on the smallest island with an area of .04 square kilometer. You can have one island under your name, but be ready to lose it the next day as the land masses tend to rise and fall with the tide. Be sure to visit the most popular islands - Al Dar, Al Jarada, Hawar and Amwaj.


… The home of a million palm trees: Bahrain has more palm trees than you can imagine. It is charming and green compared to the surrounding desert environment. The expansion of green spaces is an ongoing initiative for Bahrain, and the mission is to plant more than 20,000 palm trees per year.


… Where art creates history: Bahrain is known for calligraphy, a work of art using the Thuluth calligraphy (Qu'ranic Surat al-Ikhlas). Also, the craft of boat building has continued down through the generations, with craftsmen from local families either living in Manama city or the traditional town of Muharraq. The ceramics industry in Bahrain is a traditional handcraft practiced near the ancient archeological burial mounds at the village of 'Aali. Modern art can be found in spaces like La Fontaine, Al Riwaq, Arabesque and Malja among many others.


…  With smiles as precious as gold: “Gold is beauty and treasure” - so say the old people of Bahrain.

Gold is a tangible product, and has its own intrinsic value; many Gulf and Asian families acquire it to ensure economic prosperity. Gold and jewelry are used at the most joyful of occasions, especially weddings. The purchase of gold makes up a major proportion of the cost of such celebrations, with some Bedouin families in the GCC insisting that the bridegroom has to have one kilo of gold for the dowry. With centuries of tradition, practice and innovation, Bahrainis have been able to develop the gold and jewelry industry, utilizing natural pearls in making valuable gold and silver decorative articles. In the past, the designer of jewelry in Bahrain was regarded as having a special place in society.


… Architecture of modern Bahrain: The Kingdom of Bahrain’s forward-thinking economic and investment strategies have allowed for an impressive development of the island. Iconic buildings sit side-by-side with traditional Bahraini heritage. An island under development, with a number of projects consistently ongoing since the mid-2,000s, Bahrain has the opportunity to bounce back onto the regional stage once the Gulf economy again stabilizes.


Carolina C.

The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain


Insiders, we wanted you to know the minute it’s live. Announcing the launch of the #YouAreHere Sweepstakes — part of Global Travel Day, inspired by the spirit of travel and celebrating all the great destinations brought to life through Marriott Rewards® and Starwood Preferred Guest® (SPG).

The contest is open only to members of Marriott Rewards, SPG and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards®. You’re special to us, so it’s a contest especially for you.

Here are the prizes: 30 winners will each get a travel package. You could win a trip to an exciting destination including flight, a local experience and a complimentary stay at one of 5,700+ hotels worldwide.

It’s easy to enter: Today through Friday, Oct 21, share your dream destination on Instagram or Twitter and include three things:

  • #YouAreHere
  • the pin emoji
  • #sweepstakes


We’d love it if you also mention @MarriottRewards, @SPG or @RitzCarltonRewards. The contest is on – go for it! We’re cheering for you.

Enter now >>

Swepstakes rules

Hey Insiders, are you from Green Bay or somewhere nearby?  Tell us what you love about it. Bay Beach Amusement park, the historic Meyer Theatre, art festivals, the promenade along the river – let’s hear what’s best about the Bay.

ENTRY_Paso Robles.jpg

Share your Insider tips and stories about travel to Paso Robles by commenting on this post and you could earn points


Paso Robles – located midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles – is an ideal destination for travelers looking to enjoy the natural beauty of California’s Central Coast. This flourishing wine region is home to more than 250 wineries along with a vast array of “and more” offerings:


  • Zip Line over Paso Robles Wine Country with Margarita Adventure: Located on the historic Santa Margarita Ranch, Margarita Adventure offers five thrilling zip lines spanning more than 4,500 combined feet. Soar over a 1,200-foot valley while flying above a vineyard.
  • Take to the Saddle with Outback Trail Rides: For an ideal fusion of adventure and relaxation, taste wine and ride through Paso Robles’ incredible wine country all in the same trip. Partnering with Calcareous Vineyard and Twisted Wines, Outback Trail Rides will take you on a guided Vineyard Trail Ride or Vineyard Wagon Ride within the spectacular 442-acre estate located in the west side hills of Paso Robles.
  • Explore Paso Robles by Helicopter with Paso Air Tours: Four distinct tours highlight wine country in a whole new way. Book the West Side Ride tour through the rolling hills of west Paso Robles; the Wine & Waves tour with views of Hearst Castle, Morro Rock and the Pacific Ocean; the Tasting in Style tour above some of Paso’s most scenic properties and luxurious estates; or choose a custom tour.ENTRY 2_StudiosonthePark_PC_AllysonMagda.jpg
  • Enjoy the Greens at Hunter Ranch Golf Course: In addition to expansive fairways lined with majestic oak trees and natural lakes, Hunter Ranch Golf Course is home to an Australian-styled golf shop and the popular restaurant, The Grill at Hunter Ranch. This Championship 18-hole course includes a three-hole par-three warm-up course, grass hitting stations and four putting greens. Utilize the PGA instruction while visiting, or simply relax amidst the rolling terrain of California’s Central Coast.
  • Participate in Interactive Agricultural Events at FARMstead ED: Vineyards, olive orchards, farms and ranches abound in Paso Robles, making it an ideal destination to experience agriculture firsthand. FARMstead ED – an agriculture education tour company – is committed to promoting San Luis Obispo County FARMsteading skills and practices through local events. In partnership with local producers like Windrose Farm, FARMstead ED offers a variety of classes, including “Grow Your Own…” interactive events where you learn how to grow everything from salad gardens to cocktail gardens.
  • Embark on an Urban Adventure Quest: This family-owned and operated company offers an interactive scavenger hunt tour of Paso Robles. Inspired by the show “Amazing Race,” the team designs online tours as educational adventures showcasing Paso’s historic buildings, outdoor artwork, cultural landmarks and famous hotels on a two-hour walk beginning at Downtown City Park. While exploring the city, smart phone users receive Urban Location Clues and Quest Challenges based on the tour’s points of interest.
  • Find Inspiration at Studios on the Park: Bringing the creative process to life with its open studios art center in downtown Paso Robles, this organization hosts year-round demonstrations, exhibitions and events like the PASO ARTSFEST which welcomes thousands of visitors to the Downtown City Park every Memorial Day Weekend. This annual, multi-day festival celebrates Paso’s art scene through live music, performances and a variety of displays, as well as private tours of the nearby Hearst Castle, hands-on workshops, or the chance to attend a fascinating Artmaker Dinner.
  • Step into History at Hearst Castle: With its breathtaking architecture, opulent décor and renowned art collection, Hearst Castle’s rich history elevates the mansion from tourist attraction to enchanting world of movie stars and presidents. Step into another era, exploring the pools and gardens that have captivated some of the world’s most rich and famous.
  • Rejuvenate at Paso’s Spas and Hot Springs: After an active day of touring, relax in one of Paso’s rejuvenating spas such as the beautiful River Oaks Hot Springs Spa, the spa resort at the historic Paso Robles Inn, Spa Allegretto at the new Allegretto Vineyard Resort Paso Robles, or La Bellasera Hotel & Suites’ spa.
  • Taste Your Way through Paso’s Flourishing Craft Beer Scene: BarrelHouse Brewing Co., named one of the “Best Bars in California” by Thrillist.com, exemplifies the growing trend toward craft beer in Paso. Other favorites include The Pour House and Firestone Walker Brewing Company.
  • Fall in Love with Wine Country:  Paso Robles is home to rolling hills, flourishing olive orchards, majestic oak trees and a vast 32,000 acres of vineyards. Numerous sun-filled days and coastal air flowing through the “Templeton Gap” in the Santa Lucia Mountains, give Paso Robles Wine Country the distinction of hosting more than 250 wineries and growing more than 40 varieties of grapes.

ENTRY 3_ReFind Distillery 05.jpgENTRY_ 4 RefindDistillery.jpgDiscover Paso’s Unique Hard Ciders and Spirits: Winemaker Neil Collins of Lone Madrone uses the region’s rich agriculture to produce delicious hard ciders, while winemaker Alex Villicana of Villicana Winery uses the saignée left over from the production of wine to create high-quality vodka and gin. Collins’ Bristols Cider can be found on draft at a number of the area’s finest watering holes and select restaurants in addition to the local tasting room. Re:Find Distillery – run by Alex and Monica Villicana of Villicana Winery – is the perfect venue for trying handcrafted spirits with delicious seasonal flavors such as cucumber and lemon. Other Paso winemakers also exploring the craft spirits frontier include Joe Barton and Stephen Kroener of Krobār Craft Distillery, offering gin, brandy, bourbon and rye whisky.


Brittany T.

Courtyard by Marriott Paso Robles

ENTRY_Autumn Menu.jpg

Share your Insider tips and stories about travel to Istanbul by commenting on this post and you could earn points.


212 Restaurant exudes a warm and casual atmosphere, located on the top floor of the Renaissance Istanbul Polat Bosphorus Hotel. The restaurant offers the most delicious dishes from Turkish and worldwide cuisine, and it is a wonderful destination for food and drinks. This fall we are proud to offer something completely new – a dining experience that will entice the senses with exciting ingredients and the freshest of flavours. Take your family and friends out under the big blue sky and watch the amazing Bosphorus and historical peninsula views while savoring the flavors of 212 Restaurant’s hearty and comforting autumnal menu that features just-picked produce, cool treats and more, as our chefs combine creative flair with a passion for local traditions and seasonal ingredients.


The Starters of the summer menu are as bright as the day, and will have your mouth watering before you have time to select from delicious tastes such as poached pear salad, Turkish rose pastry, and seafood casserole. The Main dishes include treats such as Crispy Skinned Wild Sea Bass with vegetable noodles or Quinoa pilaf with lime–butter sauce. The Dessert:  toasted apples served with cinnamon syrup and vanilla ice cream. The atmosphere at 212 Restaurant will take you to exotic places where there is laughter and still sunshine. Innovative cocktails crafted by our expert mixologists and an impressive wine selection will satisfy your every taste. Aside from our special autumn menu there is something for everyone at 212 Restaurant, including very healthy choices, quick light bites and delicious desserts.


We hope you will make your reservation for a truly memorable evening in Istanbul at 212 Restaurant accompanied by amazing view and delicious tastes. We look forward to welcoming you!


Aybike O.

Renaissance Istanbul Polat Bosphorus Hotel



Share your Insider travel adventures to Indianapolis by commenting on this post and you could earn points.


Although Indianapolis is a popular destination in the warm summertime, September and October just may be the most beautiful months to visit Indy. The humidity subsides, making way for crisp fall air. Leaves start to turn, painting the city’s parks and green spaces with hues of red, orange, and yellow. Festivals pack the calendar, performing arts open their seasons, and the Colts get back to the field.


Here are some of the best places to take in the fall foliage in Indy:

  • Fort Harrison State Park: Golfers should book a tee time at The Fort Golf Course, part of the Pete Dye Golf Trail that honors Indy’s world renowned golf course architect. Hike, bike, ride horseback, and fish.
  • Eagle Creek Park: At one of the largest city parks in the country, Go Ape Treetop Adventure combines a rope course and zip lines. Take to the lake on a kayak, canoe, or sailboat. Bird watch, or simply stroll the hiking paths.
  • Virginia B. Fairbanks 100 Acres: Art & Nature Park: On the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, this urban oasis combines scenery with large-scale, site-specific works of art. Find Funky Bones, where Augustus and Hazel have their first date in The Fault in Our Stars.
  • Crown Hill Cemetery: The final resting place of President Benjamin Harrison, notorious bank robber John Dillinger, acclaimed poet James Whitcomb Riley, the family of author Kurt Vonnegut, and several U.S. vice presidents offers guided tours, or explore on your own.
  • White River State Park: The nation’s largest urban state park is perfectly situated in the heart of downtown Indy, offering 250 acres of green space, major attractions, and a scenic Central Canal. Hop in a kayak, gondola, or pedal boat, or rent a bicycle and cruise the Canal Walk lined with art and monuments. The path connects to other popular greenways, including the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.


After an active day, refuel at one of the city’s top restaurants that earned Indy “The Most Underrated Food City in the U.S.” status from Condé Nast. Mass Ave, Fletcher Place, and Fountain Square neighborhoods offer local favorites and award-winning chefs. No matter where you go in the city, you won’t be far from a craft brewery, distillery, or eatery.


Round out the evening with a fabulous production of “The Three Musketeers” at the Indiana Repertory Theatre, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone ™ In Concert, or Cirque de la Symphonie with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, or live music at The Chatterbox and Slippery Noodle. Fall means festivals, and Indy comes alive with Irish Fest, Jazz Fest, Oktoberfest, and more. It also means Andrew Luck and the Colts begin their journey towards the Super Bowl, and the Indy Eleven get back to the soccer field, both with huge fan bases beside them. It’s all in Indy and easily accessible from the JW Marriott Indianapolis, right in the heart of the action. Embrace the end of summer and discover why fall is the perfect time of year to get away to Indy.


Lisa W.

JW Marriott Indianapolis


Share your Insider travel adventures to Jordan by commenting on this post and you could earn points.


If you happen to choose the capital city of Jordan for your next visit, don’t forget to visit the Citadel towers above the city from Jabal Al-Qal’a. It is the site of ancient Rabbath-Ammon where excavations have uncovered Roman, Byzantine, and early Islamic remains. Nearby, there are the ruins of the Umayyad palace grounds and the Roman Theatre in downtown Amman; built into the hillside, the theatre was constructed during the time of Antonius Pius and was oriented north to keep the sun off the spectators. And if you still have time, visit the grand Al-Husseini Mosque downtown .The mosque was built by the late King Abdullah in 1924 on the site of a much older mosque, and possibly also the site of Philadelphia’s Byzantine cathedral. Built in pink and white stone in the Ottoman style, it was fully restored in 1987.



While you’re visiting, take a walk back in history through Jabal Amman. Jabal Amman is one of the seven hills that originally made up Amman, Jordan where you can stroll down the Rainbow Street lined with quaint coffee shops and little artisan shops and enjoy spectacular views of downtown Amman. If you happen to be in Amman from April to October, don’t forget to visit the Jara Flea Market on Fridays; the market offers a wide variety of silver jewelry, embroidered items, and local food items.


Finally, you shouldn’t leave Amman without having spent at least some time in the downtown area where you can try a “fit-for-the-gods” golden Palestinian sweet called Knafeh that is made with a layer of white cheese and vermicelli-like pastry dyed orange and covered in sugary syrup. Or you can shop for souvenirs on one of the downtown bustling streets brimming with small shops that offer unique items as memories of your trip. We hope you will come visit us soon, and stay with us at the Amman Marriott Hotel.


Yasmin H.

Amman Marriott Hotel

LegalClose_SocialPost2_FACEBOOK (image).jpg

We’re excited to share the news with you — Starwood Hotels & Resorts® and Marriott International® have joined to become the world’s largest hotel company. And connecting you to a new world of opportunities is at the top of our list.

We’re thrilled to announce account linking is now live! Through the merger we’ve linked our three award-winning loyalty programs — now you can too! — giving you access to benefits, recognition and experiences everywhere.

Simply link your Rewards and SPG accounts to get:

  • Elite Status Match – Instantly match your highest status in either program
  • Points Transfer – Earn your points in one program, transfer them to the other so you can explore more amazing destinations

This is just the beginning. We’re working to build the world’s best loyalty program, while giving you powerful advantages now. Keep what you love. Enjoy the benefits you’ve come to expect – in not just one program, but two.


Link accounts


Delighted? We hope so. Have questions? We thought so. We’ve rounded up some of the top merger FAQs for you. You can also view our full FAQs.

Loyalty Programs

Will Rewards and SPG be turning into one program?

These are two of the best programs in the industry, and we want you to benefit from everything that makes SPG and Rewards great. We don’t anticipate that the two programs will come together before 2018, and we will keep you informed of any updates. In the meantime, there’s no change to how you book reservations, manage your accounts or earn Elite night credits, points and miles in the current programs. 


What happens to my existing Rewards points or Starpoints?

Your Rewards points will live in your Rewards account and your Starpoints live in your SPG account. The programs will continue to operate as separate entities for some time. In fact, we don’t expect the programs to merge until 2018. You’ll use Rewards points on Marriott.com or RitzCarlton.com and Starpoints on SPG.com. You can’t use one program’s points directly within the other program, but once you’ve linked accounts, you can transfer them between your accounts in order to redeem across the combined portfolio.


Can I earn Rewards Elite night credits for staying at an SPG participating hotel (or vice versa)?

Because the programs remain separate, you earn Elite nights in the program associated with the hotel you’re staying at. For example, if you spend two qualifying nights at a Sheraton®, the credits apply to your SPG account, not your Rewards account.


How can I see my Rewards and SPG information in one place?

In short: You can’t. At least not right now. Since they’re still two separate programs, your Rewards and SPG account balances and reservations won’t be combined and won’t appear in one central place. Log into Rewards to see activity in that account; log into SPG to see your account information there.



How do I book a Starwood Preferred Guest® (SPG®) participating hotel now that the companies have combined?

For now you should continue to book your stays at SPG participating hotels the same way you always have — such as visiting SPG.com or using the SPG App. We’ll let you know when that changes in the future.


Does anything change with a reservation that I previously made at a hotel in the Marriott®, Ritz-Carlton® or Starwood® portfolios?

No. Your existing reservations won’t change at all.


Will I see all of my reservations for Rewards and SPG participating hotels in the Marriott, Ritz-Carlton or SPG apps?

You’ll see your reservations for Rewards hotels in the Marriott and Ritz-Carlton apps and reservations for SPG participating hotels in the SPG App.


Linking Accounts

Will my accounts link automatically?

No, they will not. While we think it’s a good idea to link your accounts, the decision is up to you. You must initiate Account Linking at Marriott.com, RitzCarlton.com or SPG.com; otherwise, your accounts will continue to operate as they did previously.


Does linking my accounts merge them into one account?

No. For now your accounts are still separate: one for Rewards, one for SPG. Linking creates a connection between them to allow for Status Matching and Points Transfer.


What happens if I don’t link my accounts?

You don’t have to link your accounts. If you don’t, your current Rewards and SPG status will remain unchanged. You won’t be able to receive status matching across the programs or transfer points without linked accounts.


Status Match

Here’s the full breakdown*:

status match.png

*Note: This applies to your highest non-promotional status level.


How do I get a Status Match?

Status Match is automatic — you just need to link your accounts. Once your accounts are linked, you’ll see a message that confirms the link and your Status Match across accounts. Your online accounts and mobile app will then reflect your updated status in both programs. It may take up to 24 hours for your Status Match to reflect on upcoming or current stay details.


If my Rewards Elite status is higher than SPG, will I get the same level of status at SPG? What about from SPG to Rewards?

Yes! While the two programs are still separate, once you link your accounts the program where you have lower status will automatically increase to match your higher level status in the other program. It doesn’t matter if your Rewards or SPG level is higher. Both programs will recognize you at the higher level.

Have more questions? View our full FAQs – and be sure to link your accounts to enjoy the best of all worlds.

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